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== Unassigned ==
This page is '''deprecated'''! Use https://github.com/Freso/MusicBottle/issues instead.
== Assigned ==
=== [[User:Freso|Freso]] ===
==== Add(/fix) testing ====
There's currently one, broken test. Fix that test and add more tests!
==== Finish implementing i18n ====
Figure out how to best automate the workflow (between Babel, Transifex, manage.py, ...).
==== Document the source properly ====
Implement [http://www.pocoo.org/projects/sphinx/#sphinx Sphinx].
==== Implement logging ====
==== Write HACKING.md ====
To let potential developers know about coding style, Git workflows, how to deal with i18n and tests and documentation, etc.
=== [[User:Caller_number_six|caller#6]] ===
# Use html5 as much as is practical
# Use separate templates for header/footer/etc
# Make the debug section prettier
# Find a way to add the runserver.py version to the debug section (or wherever)

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This page is deprecated! Use https://github.com/Freso/MusicBottle/issues instead.