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; ...is a user-maintained community music metadatabase
: MusicBrainz provides a catalog of music metadata such as the [[Artist Name|artist name]], the [[Release Title|release title]], and the list of [[Track|tracks]] that appear on a [[Release|release]]. Since 2005, users have the option to further relate each of these entities using a detailed set of [[Advanced Relationships|relationships]] (i.e. who played which instrument on a release/track). MusicBrainz only provides the data '''about''' the music (i.e. metadata) and '''not the music itself'''. MusicBrainz does not condone copyright infringement and thus cannot help you find the best place to illegally download copyrighted works. [[About MusicBrainz|Learn more about MusicBrainz]]...
; ...provides solutions to identify and label digital music files
: MusicBrainz has many [[MusicBrainz Tagger|software applications]] for identifying and labelling digital music files with data from the MusicBrainz [[Database|database]]. The currently supported application, the [[Picard Tagger]], uses "[[PUID]]s" to semi-automatically identify tracks in your music collection using [[Audio Fingerprint|audio fingerprints]], and then write consistent and accurate metadata to your music files.
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