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WS/2? What happened to WS/1?
While WS/1 is deprecated, it does still exist. see: XML_Web_Service/Version_1
What can I do with WS/2?
There are three types of GET requests, as well as limited data submission, explained below.
Who can use WS/2? Is it free?
Non-commercial use of this web service is free; please see our commercial plans or contact us if you would like to use this service commercially.
Do I need an API key?
Currently, no. But you must have a meaningful user-agent string.
Do I need to provide authentication?
Data submission, as well as requests that involve user information, require digest authentication.
Is there a limit to the number of requests I can make per second?
Yes. See: XML_Web_Service/Rate_Limiting
What formats are available for the responses?
Are there language bindings for ws/2?
Yes. See: external libraries
What should I do if I encounter unexpected behaviour not covered in these docs?
You can ask question in IRC or in the forums.
Check to see if a ticket has been filed in the bug tracker, and if not consider writing one.
What else should I know before I start using WS/2?
It'd probably be helpful to know: