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Search Fields

The release group index contains the following fields you can search:

Field Description
arid MBID of the release group’s artist
artist release group artist as it appears on the cover (Artist Credit)
artistname “real name” of any artist that is included in the release group’s artist credit
comment release group comment to differentiate similar release groups
creditname name of any artist in multi-artist credits, as it appears on the cover.
primarytype primary type of the release group (album, single, ep, other)
rgid MBID of the release group
releasegroup name of the release group
releasegroupaccent name of the releasegroup with any accent characters retained
releases number of releases in this release group
release name of a release that appears in the release group
reid MBID of a release that appears in the release group
secondarytype secondary type of the release group (audiobook, compilation, interview, live, remix soundtrack, spokenword)
tag a tag that appears on the release group
type type of the release group, old type mapping for when we did not have separate primary and secondary types

Release group search terms with no fields search the releasegroup field only.