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Search Fields

The Work index contains the following fields you can search

Field Description
alias (part of) any alias attached to the work (diacritics are ignored)
arid the MBID of an artist related to the event (e.g. a composer or lyricist)
artist (part of) the name of an artist related to the work (e.g. a composer or lyricist)
comment (part of) the work's disambiguation comment
iswc any ISWC associated to the work
lang the ISO 639-3 code for any of the languages of the work's lyrics
recording (part of) the title of a recording related to the work
recording_count the number of recordings related to the work
rid the MBID of a recording related to the work
tag (part of) a tag attached to the work
type the work's type (e.g. "opera", "song", "symphony")
wid the work's MBID
work (part of) the work's title (diacritics are ignored)
workaccent (part of) the work's title (with the specified diacritics)

If you don't specify a field, the terms will be searched for in the alias and work fields.