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The MusicBrainz Database is built on the PostgreSQL relational database engine and contains all of MusicBrainz' music metadata. This data includes information about artists, release groups, releases, recordings, works, and labels, as well as the many relationships between them. The database also contains a full history of all the changes that the MusicBrainz community has made to the data.

For details on commercial use, please visit the MetaBrainz Foundation site.

Data overview

Core data

Name, sort name, IPI, aliases, type, begin and end dates, disambiguation comment, MBID
Release Groups
Title, artist credit, type, disambiguation comment, MBID
Title, artist credit, type, status, language, date, country, label, catalog number, barcode, medium(s), disc ID(s), ASIN, disambiguation comment, MBID
Format, list of tracks (title, artist credit, duration)
Title, artist credit, duration, ISRC, PUIDs, relationships, disambiguation comment, MBID
Title, ISWC, relationships, disambiguation comment, MBID
Name, sort name, aliases, country, type, code, begin and end dates, disambiguation comment, MBID
Relationships & URLs
Relationships are a way to link the above entities together and allow MusicBrainz to capture most of the data contained in the liner notes of a CD.
CD Stubs
Title, artist, barcode, disc ID, disambiguation comment

Supplementary data

Supplementary data includes:

  • user submitted annotations, tags and ratings
  • derived statistics
  • search indexes
  • edit history
  • non-personal user data


For more information, see our Schema details.


A complete data snapshot of the entire database is generated twice a week. These snapshots are split into several different files organized by license and contents.

download.gif Download and/or install the database.


Core data
The core data, as noted above, is licensed under the CC0, which is effectively placing the data into the Public Domain. This means that anyone can download and use the core data in any way they see fit. No restrictions, no worries!
Supplementary data
The supplementary data, as noted above, is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license. This allows for non-commercial use of the data as long as MusicBrainz is given credit and that derivative works (works based on the CC licensed data) are also made available under the same license.

Commercial Use & Live Data Feed

All of our data is available for commercial licensing. For details on commercial use, please visit the MetaBrainz Foundation site.

Consumers of our database may be interested in our replicated Live Data Feed. This feed operates in conjunction with the MusicBrainz Server software and enables a local database to automatically stay in sync with the main server. To access the Live Data Feed for commercial or personal use, please sign up at the MetaBrainz Foundation site.