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User documentation

Frequently Asked Questions
A set of community maintained FAQs.

For the web interface

About and Beginners Guide
A quick introduction to MusicBrainz and to its use, respectively.
How Tos
A collection of tutorials. Lightweight, short and user-orientated step by step instructions.
Introduction to Editing
A quick introduction to how changes to MusicBrainz data are made.
Introduction to Voting
A quick introduction to MusicBrainz's voting system and how edits are applied (or rejected).
Style guidelines
All our official guidelines for editing.
Describes the different kinds of search you can use to browse MusicBrainz. Also includes the advanced search syntax.
MusicBrainz Terminology
A collection of terms the MusicBrainz community uses, what they mean, and whether there is a wiki page explaining them.

For the software

Picard Documentation
Documentation of MusicBrainz Picard, MusicBrainz' official tagger.


Privacy Policy
Privacy implications of being a MusicBrainz editor.
Flickr Machine Tag
How to use flickr tags to refer to MusicBrainz artists, releases, tracks or labels.

Developer Documentation

Developer Resources
Catch-all page with a number of useful links for developers


XML Web Service/Version 2
Our current-version web service, for use in applications
XML Web Service/Version 1
Our old web service, still in common use, e.g. by python-musicbrainz2


Describes the use of our official library for accessing the web service. 4.x uses version 2, 3.x uses version 1.
Our now-somewhat-outdated official python library, see python-musicbrainzngs for a newer library.


Disc ID Calculation
An overview of the technical process of calculating Disc IDs.
C library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs from audio CDs. Much better than implementing Disc IDs yourself.


Tag Mappings
These are the tag mappings used by MusicBrainz Picard, our official tagging application


MusicBrainz Database
Start page for documentation about the database.
Database Schema
Description of our current schema and database structure.
Database Setup
Several ways of setting up and using our database.

Other Documentation

Other Databases
Other music databases which we might try to work with
MusicBrainz Summits