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Status: We (well mostly Dupuy) are currently RestructuringTheDocumentation; i.e. moving the MusicBrainzDocumentation from the main server into the Wiki. The docs on the homepage are often quite dated, so we will try to update and intertwingle them here. But this is work in progress, so beware and read the status notices!

Right now this page is roughly structured into docs for users, for developers and other. It would probably be better to have different structures that present the documentation. So I hereby invite everyone to invent and add categories likefor the following pages. Just go ahead and create some! We can sort it out later --DonRedman

User Documentation

  • A collection of all terms the MusicBrainz community uses, what they mean, and wheter there is a wiki page explaining them.
  • A description of each type of edit that you can possibly make to MusicBrainz data.
  • Describes the assignement of the language and script attribute to albums.
  • Documentation of the PicardTagger, the next generation tagger in development.
  • Also quite rudimentary. It explains the decision mechanism of the ModBot.

Developer Documentation

I am not sure how much of this stuff really belongs here. Some of it is probably better of in MusicBrainzDevelopment. --DonRedman




  • ID3v240 -- Useful links for people wanting to use ID3v2 tags in applications
  • ID3v2Tags -- A list of some TXXX tags for ID3v2 to toss about and try to "standardize".
  • DiscIdsAndTagging -- A short exposé on various tagging standards and their handling of DiscIds
  • MetadataTags -- Standardization for MusicBrainz-specific tags. (from metadata_tags.html)
    • MusicBrainzIDs -- as used in standardized MB-specific tags. (from id-intro.html)



Other Documentation