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There are many plugins available for Picard. A number of these are written by the Picard developers, however many are written by users and enthusiasts. If you are having issues with a plugin, please check the forums for answers and ask any questions.


To install a plugin:

  1. download .py file(s)
  2. create a 'plugins' directory (if not existing already) under
    1. Windows: either C:\Program Files\Musicbrainz Picard\plugins (for default Picard application folder) or %APPDATA%\MusicBrainz\Picard\plugins
    2. *Nix: either Picard application directory/plugins or ~/.config/MusicBrainz/Picard/plugins
    3. OSX: Follow These Steps:
      1. Open a Terminal (can be found in: Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
      2. type mkdir -p $HOME/.config/MusicBrainz/Picard/plugins (needs to be done only once)
      3. type open $HOME/.config/MusicBrainz/Picard/plugins to display the folder in finder. Now move the plugins there.
    4. Please note that some plugins need to be placed inside a separate subdirectory specific to the plugin. See the 'Notes' column below to see if this is required for the particular plugin you are installing.
  3. Move downloaded .py file(s) to 'plugins' directory
  4. Enable the plugin. Check the box beside the individual plugin in the plugins menu, which can be found at
    1. Windows/*Nix: Options Menu >> Options... >> Plugins
    2. OSX: MusicBrainz Picard >> Preferences >> Plugins


Name Description Author Compatibility Adds Context Menu Item? Download Known issues/Notes
Disc Numbers Moves (disc X) from releases titles into separate tags (discnumber and discsubtitle). Lukáš Lalinský 0.9a - 0.15 No here -
Remove Feat. Artists from Titles Removes (feat. Artist) parts from track titles. Lukáš Lalinský 0.9a - 0.15 No here -
Move Feat. Artists to Titles Move "feat." from artist names to album and track titles. e.g. "A feat. B - Song" becomes "A - Song (feat. B)." Lukáš Lalinský, Michael Wiencek 0.9a - 0.15 No here -
Title Case Converts track and release titles to Title Case (capitalizes first character of every word) Javier Kohen, Lukáš Lalinský 0.9a - 0.15 No here (old) -
Cover Art Downloader Downloads cover art for optional tag embedding and/or saving as a separate image file (using standard Options >> Cover Art Picard settings) Oliver Charles, Philipp Wolfer 0.12 - 0.15 No here (old) See 3528 5715 and forum thread Plugin Installation Tags Use tags as "genre" Lukáš Lalinský 0.9a - 0.15 No 1 2 (copy both files to directory plugins/lastfm/) Plus Use tags as "genre/moods/occasions/countries/originalyear" and more. Modified version of above plugin. RifRaf 0.9a - 0.12 No here (copy both files to directory plugins/lastfmplus/) Tutorial, forum thread
Add Cluster As A Release Adds right click option to an unmatched cluster to allow adding releases to MB based on tags. Lukáš Lalinský, Philip Jägenstedt 0.9a - 0.15 Yes here -
Generate Cuesheet Generates a cuesheet from a release Lukáš Lalinský 0.10 - 0.15 Yes here -
Bonus Disc Moves (bonus disc: Bonus Disc Title) from album titles to separate tags. (bonusdisc and bonusdisctitle) Jan van Thiel 0.9a - 0.12 No here -
Release Type Appends information to EPs and Singles such as " EP" or " (single)" (customisable, see file for details). Useful for separating releases with singles/EPs of the same name. Elliot Chance 0.9a - 0.15 No here (old) -
Search Plugins Launches searches for clusters or releases to external non-MB websites from Picard Brian Schweitzer 0.9a - 0.10+ Yes All Music Guide -
Amazon Supports: .ca, .com, .de, .fr, .jp, and (Musicals)
Discogs - ("Film Music Search")
Game Music Revolution (Game Soundtracks)
Google -
The Lortel Archives (Off-Broadway Musicals) (Soundtracks)
SoundtrackINFO (Soundtracks)
Change Encoding Converts the tags of individual files or clusters between different character encodings. This is often necessary with files that have only ID3v1 tags in a non-Latin encoding. Philip Jägenstedt 0.9a - 0.12 Yes here You will probably only need to change the target encoding. If the encoding you're looking for isn't in the list, you can type it in yourself and it will hopefully work.
Original Release Date Set the original release date of a release by using the release events and "earliest release" advanced relationships. Philipp Wolfer 0.12 No here
Title sort names Guess sortnames for track and album titles and adds as titlesort and albumsort tags. Creap 0.12 No here Checks language (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish) and moves articles ("The", "Das", etc) to the end of the track/album title in the sort tags.
Title version Moves song metadata such as "demo", "live" from titlesort to version tag. Creap 0.12 No here Searches titles for keywords like live, demo, mix, etc, and moves it from titles to version tags.
$swapprefix function Adds the $swapprefix(text, *prefixes) script function, which moves the specified prefixes to the end of the text. Philipp Wolfer 0.9a - 0.15 No here (old) See this forum post for details.
Lookup PUID Adds the ability to lookup the PUID on MusicBrainz (useful in case there are several tracks linked with the same PUID) WPME Hofland 0.9a - 0.12 (tested only with 0.12!) Yes here
TSO2 Set TSO2 as well as TXXX:ALBUMARTISTSORTORDER in ID3 tags, so album artist sort order works in iTunes and other players Andrew Barnert 0.12 No here See this forum post for details.
Add to iTunes Mac OS X only! Add an album/track/etc. to iTunes. Andrew Barnert 0.12 Yes here See this forum post for details.
The Sorting Plugin Allows sorting of clusters and releases (i.e. both panes) through the right click "Plugins" menu. (can sort either Clusters or Releases by Artist or Title, and within a cluster by artist or title) Aaron Lambers 0.12 Yes here See this forum post for details.
Discnumber and Bonus disc Combination of the discnumber and bonus disc plugin WPME Hofland 0.9a - 0.12 (tested only with 0.12!) No here
Convert Typographic Punctuation Replace hard-to-type-into-search-boxes fancy punctuation with Latin-1 equivalents anonymous 0.9 - 0.12 No here See forum and bug ticket for details.
Foobar2000 ReplayGain Analyse your albums using the foobar2000 ReplayGain scanner. hrglgrmpf 0.10 - 0.15 Yes here See forum post for details.
MetaFlac ReplayGain Analyse your albums using the MetaFlac ReplayGain scanner. Olivier Kaloudoff 0.12 Yes here Tested only on Mac OSX / Feedback to kalou at kalou dot net
$eq2, $ne2, $in2 functions Each plugin adds a new function to taggerscript, to allow comparison of a variable against more than one string.

Example: set %engineer% to "test" if the artist is equal to "foo", "bar", or "baz":

Brian Schweitzer 0.12+ No here See forum post for details.
$p function Adds an $p(string, unofficial) function to taggerscript. This works like the inverse of a \p{foo} regex using Unicode properties. In other words, it tells you what script a character belongs to.


   $p(%something%, True)

The second argument is optional. By default, it is set to False. When set to True, unofficial Unicode scripts (i.e. ConScript, etc.) are also checked.

Brian Schweitzer 0.12+ No here See forum post for details.
Open in GUI Open files/folders in the GUI environment. Michael Elsdörfer 0.9a - 0.15 Yes here (old)
Remove Perfect albums Remove "Perfect" matches from album list i.e. all tracks matched and tags saved. ichneumon 0.9 - 0.10 Yes here See forum post for details.
Sidecars Stores and retrieves metadata in "sidecar" files so that changes can be staged. Tony Flaks 0.14 Yes here See wiki page for details.

Context Menu Items

Note that not all plugins will add options to the "Plugins" section of the right click context menu you get on tracks, files and clusters. Plugins in the above list that do not add a context menu item should work automatically on all new metadata that is loaded into the right-hand pane, once they are enabled in the options.