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Plugins for Picard

To install a plugin:

  1. download .py file
  2. create new 'plugins' directory (if not existing already) under
    1. Windows: either C:\Program Files\Musicbrainz Picard\plugins (for default Picard application folder) or %APPDATA%\MusicBrainz\Picard\plugins
    2. *Nix: either Picard application directory or ~/.config/MusicBrainz/Picard/plugins
  1. Move downloaded .py file(s) to 'plugins' directory
  2. Open Picard, go to Options >> Options... >> Plugins and check the box beside the plugin to enable it.


Name Description Author Compatibility Download Known issues/Notes
Disc Numbers Moves (disc X) from releases titles into separate tags (discnumber and discsubtitle). Lukáš Lalinský 0.9a - 0.10 here -
Feat. Artists Removes (feat. Artist) parts from track titles. Lukáš Lalinský 0.9a - 0.10 here -
Cover Art Downloader Downloads cover art for optional tag embedding and/or saving as a separate image file (using standard Options >> Cover Art Picard settings) Oliver Charles 0.9a - 0.10 here (remove the old Amazon plugin (, amazon.pyc & amazon.pyo) before installing this one). See 3528, 3529 Tags Use tags as "genre" Lukáš Lalinský 0.9a - 0.10 1 2 (copy both files to directory plugins/lastfm/)
Add Cluster As A Release Adds right click option to an unmatched cluster to allow adding releases to MB based on tags. Lukáš Lalinský 0.9a - 0.10 here See 2544, 3159
Generate Cuesheet Generates a cuesheet from a release Lukáš Lalinský 0.10 here -
Bonus Disc Moves (bonus disc: Bonus Disc Title) from album titles to separate tags. (bonusdisc and bonusdisctitle) Jan van Thiel 0.9a - 0.10 here -
Release Type Appends information to EPs and Singles such as " EP" or " (single)" (customisable, see file for details). Useful for separating releases with singles/EPs of the same name. Elliot Chance 0.9a - 0.9.0 here This version patches a PLUGIN_API_VERSIONS problem with the original.
Search Plugins Launches searches for clusters or releases to external non-MB websites from Picard Brian Schweitzer 0.9a - 0.9.0+ All Music Guide -
Amazon Supports: .ca, .com, .de, .fr, .jp, and (Musicals)
Discogs - ("Film Music Search")
Game Music Revolution (Game Soundtracks)
Google -
The Lortel Archives (Off-Broadway Musicals) (Soundtracks)
SoundtrackINFO (Soundtracks)
Change Encoding Converts the tags of individual files or clusters between different character encodings. This is often necessary with files that have only ID3v1 tags in a non-Latin encoding. foolip 0.9a - 0.10 here You will probably only need to change the target encoding. If the encoding you're looking for isn't in the list, you can type it in yourself and it will hopefully work.


Luks, I think there's a bug in the Disc# plugin. If you use the following in taggerscript with the plugin enabled, you get more than you'd expect...

$set(album,%album%$if(%discnumber%, \(disc %discnumber%\)))

Ought to give:    ThisIsAnAlbumTitle (disc 1)
Instead, you get: ThisIsAnAlbumTitle (disc 1) (disc 1)

DeleteWhenCooked -- BrianSchweitzer 00:13, 05 June 2007 (UTC)

  • Would it be possible to write a plugin that would fetch and set the year to the earliest release's release date when a EarliestReleaseRelationshipType exists? -AaronCooper (2007-07-11)
    • Seconded. I'd like to be able to name files like "Artist - OriginalYear - Album (releaseyear re-release|remaster)"; I like things to be sorted by original year (ie, the musical "period" of the band), but differentiate between versions (sometimes I have several). So is it possible to retrieve the metadata for a linked object?
  • Is there a reference somewhere with all the commands possible with Picard plugins (like, …) ? -- jesus2099 11:59, 07 August 2007 (UTC)
  • Just the existing plugins, and the source itself. -- BrianSchweitzer 19:27, 18 September 2007 (UTC)
  • Just a quick request, if it can't be a built in variable... I could easily make use of a %tracklength% variable, be it built in or generated by plugin. -- BrianSchweitzer 07:03, 19 October 2007 (UTC)
  • So, if we make any new plugins that might be interesting, is it OK to just post them here? And if so, how do we go about hosting them here if it's necessary? -- Baldrick 2007-11-12T14:39:00
  • BonusDiscs seems useful, except I'm wondering how media players like iTunes will react when there are now multiple tracks with the same track number and no disc numbers to differentiate/order the tracks. Perhaps I will modify this to set all bonus discs to disc number = 99. -AaronCooper
    • Using the Bonus Disc plugin as is, I added the following tagger script functions: $if(%bonusdisc%,$set(discnumber,99),) to set discnumber = 99 for bonus discs and (for iTunes to sort properly) $if(%discnumber%,,$set(discnumber,1)) to make single-disc releases have discnumber = 1. -AaronCooper