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Basic Tags

These tags are available for most releases from MusicBrainz, with the default Picard settings.

Tags beginning with an '_' are not mapped to any media header tags by default, but are available for scripts and plugins to use.

title Track Title
_recordingcomment Recording Comment
artist Artist Name
artistsort Artist Sort Name
albumartist Release Artist
albumartistsort Release Artist's Sort Name
releasestatus Release Status
releasetype Release Type
album Release Title
asin ASIN
language Release Language
script Release Script
date Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
originaldate Original Release Date (YYYY-MM-DD) (since 0.15, from earliest release in Release Group)
tracknumber Track number
totaltracks Total tracks on the medium/disc
discnumber DiscNumber
totaldiscs Total number of discs of this release
discsubtitle DiscNumberStyle
_releasecomment Release Comment
releasecountry Release Country
catalognumber Release Catalog Number
barcode Barcode
label Label Name
media Release Format
compilation 0 for single artist albums, 1 for multiple artist albums
musicbrainz_trackid Track ID
musicbrainz_artistid Artist ID
musicbrainz_albumid Release ID
musicbrainz_albumartistid Release Artist's Artist ID
isrc ISRC
_dirname The name of the directory the file is in at the point of being loaded into Picard. (Since Picard 1.1)
_filename The name of the file without extension (Since Picard 1.1)
_extension The files extension (Since Picard 1.1)

If you enable tagging with Advanced Relationships, you get these extra tags:

writer Writer Relationship Type (since Picard 1.0; not written to most file formats automatically[1])
composer Composer Relationship Type
conductor Conductor Relationship Type, Chorus Master Relationship Type
performer:<type> Performer Relationship Type, Orchestra Relationship Type, <type> can be "orchestra", "vocal", "guest guitar", ...
arranger Arranger Relationship Type, Instrumentator Relationship Type, Orchestrator Relationship Type
lyricist Lyricist Relationship Type
remixer Remixer Relationship Type
producer Producer Relationship Type
engineer Engineer Relationship Type
mixer Engineer Relationship Type ("Mixed By")
djmixer Mix-DJ Relationship Type
license License Relationship Type (since Picard 1.0)

And if you enable folksonomy tags, you get:

genre Pseudo-genre based on folksonomy tags


Plugins from Picard Plugins can add more tags.

genre Pseudo-genre based on folksonomy tags

Original Release Date (Pre-NGS plugin)

originaldate The original release date (pre-NGS, from "earliest release" advanced relationships)

Other Information

For technical details on how these tags are written into files, see Picard Tag Mapping.

For tags that can contain more than one value (for example, musicbrainz_artistid) the values are separated by ;


  1. You can merge this with composers with a script like
    $copymerge(composer, writer)