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Table of mapping between PicardQt internal tag names and various tagging formats.

Name Internal Name ID3v2 Vorbis Comment APEv2 iTunes MP4 Windows Media
Album album TALB ALBUM Album ©alb WM/AlbumTitle
Title title TIT2 TITLE Title ©nam Title
Artist artist TPE1 ARTIST Artist ©ART Author
Album Artist albumartist TPE2 ALBUMARTIST Album Artist aART WM/AlbumArtist
Date date TDRC (2.4), TYER+TDAT (2.3) DATE Year ©day WM/Year
Original Release Date originaldate TDOR ORIGINALDATE WM/OriginalReleaseYear
Composer composer TCOM COMPOSER Composer ©wrt WM/Composer
Lyricist lyricist TEXT LYRICIST Lyricist WM/Writer
Conductor conductor TPE3 CONDUCTOR Conductor WM/Conductor
Performer [instrument] performer:instrument TMCL:instrument PERFORMER=Name (instrument) Performer=Name (instrument)
Remixer remixer TPE4 REMIXER MixArtist WM/ModifiedBy
Arranger arranger TIPL:arranger ARRANGER Arranger
Engineer engineer TIPL:engineer ENGINEER Engineer
Producer producer TIPL:producer PRODUCER Producer WM/Producer
DJ Mixer djmixer TIPL:DJ-mix DJMIXER DJMixer
Mixer mixer TIPL:mix MIXER Mixer
Grouping grouping TIT1 GROUPING Grouping ©grp WM/ContentGroupDescription
Subtitle subtitle TIT3 SUBTITLE Subtitle WM/SubTitle
Disc Subtitle discsubtitle TSST DISCSUBTITLE DiscSubtitle WM/SetSubTitle
Track Number tracknumber TRCK TRACKNUMBER Track trkn WM/TrackNumber
Total Tracks totaltracks TRCK TRACKTOTAL Track trkn
Disc Number discnumber TPOS DISCNUMBER Disc disk WM/PartOfSet
Total Discs totaldiscs TPOS DISCTOTAL Disc disk
Compilation compilation TCMP COMPILATION Compilation cpil
Comment comment:description COMM:description COMMENT Comment ©cmt WM/Comments
Genre genre TCON GENRE Genre ©gen WM/Genre
Rating _rating POPM RATING:user@email WM/SharedUserRating
BPM bpm TBPM BPM BPM tmpo WM/BeatsPerMinute
Mood mood TMOO MOOD Mood WM/Mood
Copyright copyright TCOP COPYRIGHT Copyright cprt Copyright
Lyrics lyrics:description USLT:description LYRICS Lyrics ©lyr WM/Lyrics
Media media TMED MEDIA Media
Label label TPUB LABEL Label WM/Publisher
Catalog Number catalognumber TXXX:CATALOGNUMBER CATALOGNUMBER CatalogNumber
Barcode barcode TXXX:BARCODE BARCODE Barcode
Encoded By encodedby TENC ENCODEDBY EncodedBy ©too WM/EncodedBy
Album Sort Order albumsort TSOA (2.4), XSOA (2.3) ALBUMSORT ALBUMSORT soal WM/AlbumSortOrder
Album Artist Sort Order albumartistsort TXXX:ALBUMARTISTSORT ALBUMARTISTSORT ALBUMARTISTSORT soaa WM/AlbumArtistSortOrder
Artist Sort Order artistsort TSOP (2.4), XSOP (2.3) ARTISTSORT ARTISTSORT soar WM/ArtistSortOrder
Title Sort Order titlesort TSOT (2.4), XSOT (2.3) TITLESORT TITLESORT sonm WM/TitleSortOrder
Composer Sort Order composersort soco
Show Name Sort Order showsort sosn
MusicBrainz Track Id musicbrainz_trackid UFID: MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID Track Id MusicBrainz/Track Id
MusicBrainz Release Id musicbrainz_albumid TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Id MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID Album Id MusicBrainz/Album Id
MusicBrainz Artist Id musicbrainz_artistid TXXX:MusicBrainz Artist Id MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID Artist Id MusicBrainz/Artist Id
MusicBrainz Release Artist Id musicbrainz_albumartistid TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Artist Id MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID Album Artist Id MusicBrainz/Album Artist Id
MusicBrainz TRM Id musicbrainz_trmid TXXX:MusicBrainz TRM Id MUSICBRAINZ_TRMID MUSICBRAINZ_TRMID TRM Id MusicBrainz/TRM Id
MusicBrainz Disc Id musicbrainz_discid TXXX:MusicBrainz Disc Id MUSICBRAINZ_DISCID MUSICBRAINZ_DISCID Disc Id MusicBrainz/Disc Id
MusicIP Fingerprint musicip_fingerprint TXXX:MusicMagic Fingerprint
Release Status releasestatus TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Status MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMSTATUS MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMSTATUS Album Status MusicBrainz/Album Status
Release Type releasetype TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Type MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMTYPE MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMTYPE Album Type MusicBrainz/Album Type
Release Country releasecountry TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Release Country RELEASECOUNTRY RELEASECOUNTRY Album Release Country MusicBrainz/Album Release Country
Gapless Playback gapless pgap
Podcast podcast pcst
Podcast URL podcasturl purl
Show Name show tvsh