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The MusicBrainz Server


The following diagram briefly illustrates the different components of the MusicBrainz service:
How the MusicBrainz components are related to each other

MusicBrainz Server

As the diagram illustrates, the MusicBrainz server is the keeper of all of the MusicBrainz data. It listens for incoming web page / web service requests over HTTP, processes the requests referring to the database where necessary, and returns an appropriate response to the calling client. (See the development introduction page for more details)

Relatable TRM Server

The Relatable TRM Signature Server is not part of the MusicBrainz server (but it does run on the same physical machine). It's a closed-source proprietary system licensed from Relatable. For more information, please see HowTRM GenerationWorks. You can download the MusicBrainz server software and data from us, and create your own MusicBrainz server, but you cannot download the Relatable TRM Signature Server, nor see nor modify its source code.

Required Software

The MusicBrainz server is built on top of the following components:

  • The data is stored in a PostgreSQL relational database.
  • Virtually all of the server code is written in Perl 5.8.
  • The web server is built using Apache and mod_perl.
  • A selection of Perl modules from CPAN are used; in particular the web pages are constructed using Mason.
  • The Expat XML parser library is used to handle the RDF web services.

So What Next?

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