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The next MusicBrainz summit will happen on 28 November, 2009 in Nürnberg, Germany! More details will come in the following weeks…

(announcement here:


Nürnberg, Germany

We are getting a room "Klee-Center" (, will be probably the smaller one:


If you're planning on attending put your name down below. Don't worry - doesn't have to be definite, but it's nice to have a rough idea :)

Agenda items

  • (to be determined)
  • Does chocolate go with pizza and/or beer?

Places to crash seems affordable, if a bunch of us are interested we can probably get a dormitory with only MB Summit visitors. Cost would be about EUR 20/night, see for more information. I assume most of you will want to stay two nights, arriving Friday 27th, leaving Sunday 29th. If you're interested, please add your name to yet another list, here. (and include some contact info if your profile page doesn't have that). Assuming enough interest, I'll make reservations at the beginning of October.

Socializing and shopping