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We're having an even more informal than usual meetup, which I've assigned an entirely arbitrary number.

We'll be meeting Jan. 24-26 in Chicago, IL, USA. Meeting, topics of discussion, etc. TBD.


Colorwheel Apartment
OSM map with the marker in the correct spot
1758 West 19th Street, Chicago, IL 60608, United States


  • Planning for 2014
  • paid web service
  • geordi
  • joint work/mutual education


If you're coming put some details below:

Arriving Leaving Notes
From To Time Airline/Flight No. From To Time Airline/Flight No.
bitmap lives here!
ruaok MUC ORD Thu. Jan 23 18:50 Lufthansa 434 ORD MUC Jan 29 19:10 Swiss 9
nikki FRA ORD Thu. Jan 23 15:15 United 906 ORD FRA Feb. 1 18:00 United 907
navap YYZ ORD Thu. Jan 23 20:39 American 4253 ORD YYZ Jan 28 14:15 American 4330
ianmcorvidae TUS MDW Fri. Jan 24 19:50 Southwest 153 MDW TUS Feb. 1 10:10 Southwest 2405
kepstin Sorry, looks like I can't make it; other stuff came up for the weekend :/