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Summit 18 is going to happen between September 29 and September 30, at MetaBrainz HQ in Barcelona, Spain.

Topics to discuss

Things to forget

  1. Napkins
  2. Not chocolate

Schedule of Events

Summit Schedule of Events this year:


Summit attendees this year. Sign up for summit lodgings is now open!

Arrival date Arrival transport Departure date Departure transport Lodging Food Preference T-Shirt Size
zas 2018-09-27 Train 2018-10-05 Train ? Tapas y cerveza M(ale)
Freso 2018-09-? Flight 2018-10-? Flight Needed Vegetarian M(ale)
samj1912 2018-09-29 Flight 2018-09-30 Flight Needed Lacto-vegetarian
iliekcomputers 2018-09-26 12:35 9W317 / KL1669 2018-10-02 Flight Needed Eats anything M(ale)
reosarevok 2018-09-28 16:10 Flight 2018-10-01 17:10 Flight Needed recording:220dbc4c-0c20-49a8-b28a-25172937a42e L(ame)
bukwurm 2018-09-26 12:35 9W317 / KL1669 2018-10-02 Flight Needed Lacto-vegetarian M(ale)
Bitmap 2018-09-27 10:50 BA0478 2018-10-02 10:10 BA0473 / AA91 Needed Vegetarian M(eal)
kartikeyaSh 2018-09-26 12:35 9W317 / KL1669 2018-10-02 Flight Needed Lacto-vegetarian M(ale)
rsh7 2018-09-26 12:35 9W317 / KL1669 2018-10-02 Flight Needed Veg. Pizzas fe(M)ale
ferbncode 2018-09-28 Flight 2018-09-30 Flight Needed Vegetarian
ruaok - Feet 2018-10-01 EuroWings 7521 Offering Tapas & vino.
chhavi 2018-09-22 Flight 2018-10-01 Flight Needed Everything M (Female)
Leo Verto 2018-09-26 Flight 2018-10-2 Flight Needed Chocolate M (Male)
loujine 2018-09-? Flight 2018-10-? Flight Unsure Everything M (Male)
yvanzo 2018-09-27 Car 2018-10-02 Flight Needed recording:106a56af-20b5-4356-9429-a209a66c808b M(etasize)


Lodging counts per night:

date needed plan to have
Name Number of people Number of rooms Number of beds check-in check-out notes


Oh, we do have our tshirts this time. We are using Spreadshirt as they are nice in letting us customize and print. Please refer to the link for sizes and to order one (or many) for yourself! Metabrainz T-shirt 2018


Very important: Barcelona is a very safe city, save for pick-pockets. Once you leave your plane/train, make sure your wallet/passport/laptop is secured! Ideally important things will be under two zippers or better. Never walk with a wallet in your back pocket, unless it is secured! A cross-body purse or bag is also recommended.

Getting around:

Check out this handy google map of the locations you may need to find during the summit:

MetaBrainz Summit 2018 Map

Metro and buses

In any metro station you can buy tickets which are valid on the bus system, metro, and commuter trains within the Barcelona city limits. Buy a T-10 ticket, which will give you 10 trips for about 10€. Ignore any message about not being able to use the tickets to go to the airport. Insert the ticket in a reader at a metro turnstile or when entering a bus. You can transfer from one mode of transport to another (e.g. metro to bus or between two buses) for free within 75 minutes of the first time you use your ticket. Make sure you swipe again when you enter the new transport. Even multiple people are allowed to travel on the same card -- you just need to pass the card backward so the next person can pass through the turnstile. If you travel with others on the same card, make sure to stay together in case you encounter a ticket inspector. The fee for getting caught for a ticket mishap is 100€.

More information on TMB

View Metro Map


Barcelona does not use Uber, it's unnecessary. The taxi system here is clean and quite nice -- some of them belong to MyTaxi and you request and pay these taxi's via an app: Download the app or for more info: mytaxi

Navigation: Google maps has pretty good public transit directions. You can also use Citymapper

Arriving by train

If you arrive at Barcelona Sants, you can take the Rodalies train from platform 8 all the way to Arc de Triomf, which is where the office and AirBnBs are.

Arriving by plane

If you arrive into the BCN airport either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, follow the signs to the buses, taxis, or metro.

  • Aerobus: look for the light blue Aerobus. 5.90€ one way or 10.20€ round-trip this is the fastest and easiest way to get to into the city. The bus has free (slow) WiFi and a place to charge your phone! To make things easier, purchase and print your Aerobus tickets ahead of time. Take the aerobus to Plaça España, the first stop. From there, transfer to the Metro line L1 (red) and take it a few stops to Arc de Triomf. See above for tips on how to use the metro.
  • Taxi: There is a taxi line outside both terminals. Average cost is around ~35€ for being dropped of near the Arc de Triomf.

There are other options for getting into town. Be warned: These are cheaper yet considerably slower options:

  • City bus: The one way cost is 2.15€ and the route ends at Plaça España, via Bus #46. It leaves from the bus area every 15-20 minutes, between 5am-Midnight.
  • Metro: The L9 leaves from both T1 and T2. Transfer to the Red Line (L1) at Torrassa, and proceed to take the L1 till Arc de Triomf.

Emergency phone numbers

  1. 112 ALL general emergencies
  2. 061 Medical Emergencies
  3. 080 Fire Emergencies
  4. 088 Police (Mossos d'Esquadra)

Other Useful Phone Numbers