MusicBrainz Summit/20

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Considering 2020 is a very special year, and that we care about everyone's safety, Summit 20 is going to be held over internet, live from your living room.

The summit will be held during the weekend of October 3rd-4th

Live streaming

To be fleshed out -- we'll post details later this week.

Agenda topics

  • Meet and greet for the first hour each day?
  • State of MusicBrainz 30 min
  • State of ListenBrainz 30 min
  • State of BookBrainz 30 min
  • To be determined.

Schedule of Events

This year, we will hold an unconference, a participant-driven meeting where no schedule is planned ahead of time but rather participants come up with sessions or talks they want to host. Everyone is encouraged to attend whichever they are interested in.

The rough outline of our sessions is here -- this will be open for sign-ups by 29 Sept.