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MusicBrainz Summit 16 will happen in Barcelona, Spain on Thursday the 22nd to late afternoon on Saturday the 24th of September, after which we will prepare to participate in the correfoc of this year's La Mercé Festival.


Discussion topics

  • Genres? :D


We will be meeting at the MetaBrainz office: Carrer Buenaventura Muñoz 15, 5 1. Please bring furniture, but don't worry about the napkins!


Very important: Barcelona is a very safe city, save for pick-pockets. Once you leave your plane/train, make sure your wallet/passport/laptop is secured! Ideally important things will be under two zippers or better. Never walk with a wallet in your back pocket, unless it is secured!

Arriving by train

If you arrive at Barcelona Sants, you can take the Rodalies train to Plaça Catalunya. This is easiest and fastest.

Arriving by plane

If you arrive into the BCN airport, follow the signs to the buses and look for the light blue Aerobus. 5.90€ one way or 10.20€ round-trip this is the fastest and easiest way to get to Plaça Catalunya. The bus has free (slow) WiFi and a place to charge your phone! If you'd like Ruaok or someone else to pick you up from Plaça Catalunya, notify him when the bus starts leaving the airport.

To make things easier, purchase and print your tickets ahead of time. (Highly recommended for Bitmap and Leftmost!)

Walking from Plaça Catalunya

From Plaça Catalunya, it is a short walk to Ruaok's flat. When you arrive at the flat, ring floor 5. Someone will lower a key from above; unclip the key, let yourself in, lock the door behind you and then take the lift to floor 5.




Summit attendees this year:

Arrival date Arrival transport Departure date Departure transport Needs lodging Bringing X Kg of Chocolate
Freso Prob. 20th or 21st ? Nobody knows! ? Yep
Gentlecat Lives in BCN - - - No
Alastairp Lives in BCN - - - No
Ruaok Lives in BCN - - - No
Zas ~21 ? ? ? Yes