MusicBrainz Summit/21

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The pandemic is still going on. Hence, last year's considerations still apply as a result Summit 21 is again going to be held over internet, live from your living room.

Virtual summit

We will be using Zoom for our sessions:

Zoom requires you to install software prior to the meeting, so please take some time ahead of the start of the summit to install the software and test your audio setup.

Live streaming

The sessions will additionally be live streamed on the MetaBrainz YouTube channel:

  • TBA


Are here

Agenda topics

  • Meet and greet for the first hour each day?
  • State of MetaBrainz 30 min
  • State of MusicBrainz 30 min
  • State of ListenBrainz 30 min
  • State of BookBrainz 30 min
  • State of CritiqueBrainz (15 min?)
  • State of community (15 min?)
  • Localization workshop - presentation of translation tools and "translathon"
  • To be determined.
  • React server-side-rendering for all brainzes (alastair)
    • more and more of our sites have interactive components which we use react for, however the standard "react app" pattern means that we send an empty page + js and render on the client. MB and BB use server-side rendering. Proposal to do the same for LB (and perhaps later CB and AB) so that we can ship functional html to the client but still take advantage of react features. Discuss pain points in MB/BB and if we think it's a good idea or not.

Schedule of Events

The sessions slots and times of the events are listed in this spreadsheet. We'll work out session topics and scheduling at the beginning of each day.