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(See also the list of other MusicBrainzSummits)

The MusicBrainz summit 7 will take place in Hamburg, Germany on Dec 3rd 2005.

Confirmed participants

When adding yourself, please indicate how and when you might be arriving.

  • Arriving via U-Bahn (U1) to meet the first attendees
  • Lukáš Lalinský (LuKz)
  • Björn Krombholz (Fuchs)
  • Arriving with car (?) - if anyone needs a ride from one place between Rostock-Hamburg (e.g. Lübeck), tell me)
  • Living there. Arriving via S-Bahn (S11/S1) I can host up to two people at my place.


Friday Evening, Dec 2nd

  1. Meet at Hamburg Hbf (Central station), around 18:00 in the "Wandelhalle" (west-end of train station) near the "Glockengiesserwall" exit
  2. Stash luggage/gear as necessary
  3. Dinner
  4. Head home to Don or Rob's place

Saturday, Dec 3rd

  1. Summit 7 meetings starting at 11:00. Location to be determined.
  2. Break for lunch
  3. Conclude with dinner
  4. Relax with drinks and record MusicBrainz team drinking song, so we can AR ourselves as artists (what about Alkohol from Herbert Grönemeyer? ;-) )

Sunday, Dec 4th

  1. Send off those who need to get home
  2. Group hacking on a small project for those that are inclined and can stay a little longer
  3. Send off hackers


Please add items to the agenda you'd like to discuss:

  • Get to understand AdvancedRelationships. How do the new DB possibilities of n-n relations between the tables affect
    • the overall database structure (e.g. What is the function of the primary artist field?)
    • the searching functionality (e.g. Which ARs should be queried when searching for an artist name?)
    • the reorganization of the user interface (i.e. display of the data onthe website)
    • the PicardTagger
    • The RDF schema and the protocols by which clients and server communicate.

Find solutions for current problems around this issue (e.g. the despised FeaturingArtistStyle), prioritize work on this.

  • State of the project and the non-profit
  • Dicuss album rework proposal (to add UPC/EAN, ISRC codes; ReleaseDataSet)
  • Adding Events and Labels to AR (AdvancedEntity).
  • Prioritize desired features for the next year
  • Generalization of album/track/artist concept (ReleaseGroups, abstract albums/tracks + album/track grouping for AR and better representation, also AdvancedEntity)
  • TRM/fingerprinting status, plan for removal/improvment
  • PicardTagger:
    • When will it be ready to do what? How will this affect the rest of MusicBrainz (resources, growth,...)
    • Expanding the tagging process:
      • make more use of the data in the db (for example put info from AR into ID3 fields, like "is a cover of"->original performer)
      • support a scripting language to allow individual user defined tagging preferences (put all words upper case, put this value in that field, move those files in that directory)
  • Expanding the data set to include subjective information (folksonomy, reviews, etc.):
    • Do we want that?
    • How would it work? (Would it work at all?)
    • How and when to implement what.
  • Think very generally about the growth of MusicBrainz: What changes will be required to manage that, and to prevent chaos? (FAQ-O-Matic, WikiDocs, Nabble or Forums, Social statistics [like rating of artists' and editors' matureness by 0-5 stars], usage info from the Tagger,...)