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This summit is still in the pipelines, all that is confirmed so far is that it will be 10/05/2008 (that's May, not October - sorry US folks) in "London." Vague? Nah ;) More details to come soon!


If you're planning on attending put your name down below. Don't worry - doesn't have to be definite, but it's nice to have a rough idea :)

  • OliverCharles (SoC student) arriving Euston 17:40 9 May, leaving 11th at 9:40am
  • Muz (, lives in London)
  • FauxFaux
  • Sonium (AlexanderHupfer, SoC Student) arriving Heathrow 19:05 9 May
  • Niklas Berglund (SoC student) arriving Stansted 22:25 9 May
  • OutsideContext (SoC mentor) arriving Stansted 17:30 9 May
  • RobertKaye (MetaBrainz) arriving Heathrow 14:05 8 May
  • dmppanda (benevolent dictator in wait) arriving St-Pancras 22:34 9 May, leaving 20h35 11 May (booked tickets, to be confirmed ASAP)
  • Matthew Wood (BBC) (lives in London)
  • Nick Humphrey (BBC) (lives in London)
  • ijabz (Paul Taylor, Jaikoz developer - lives in Leeds,UK ) probably - arriving by train Friday afternoon.
  • Richard Baffoe-Djan (Queen Mary University C4DM) (lives in London)
  • kuno, aka warp. arriving at St. Pancras on friday 20:00, leaving on sunday, around 14:00.
  • Nikki (University College London, lives in London)
  • DaveEvans (BBC, mb sysadmin, and erstwhile mb_server hacker)

Crash Spaces

The following people have been paired up for crashing:

We still need spaces for Outsidecontext, FauxFaux, dmppanda, kuno.

Agenda items

Here are some of the topics that we should discuss at the summit -- these topics are a must:

  1.  !Google Summer of Code -- All three students and two mentors will be present.
  2. MusicBrainz server development over the summer. Perl, python, Template::Toolkit
  3. Picard and Alexander's SoC project to improve usability
  4. Niklas Berglund's Music Collection project for SoC
  5. Next Generation Schema (NGS) and how that is impacted by the summer coding sprint
  6. The BBC's efforts to help MusicBrainz with NGS.

If you would like to propose more things to be added, please do so below:

  1. Moving to mod_perl 2, but I suspect that's covered by "server development", above - DaveEvans
  2. [ your idea here ]