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This summit is still in the pipelines, all that is confirmed so far is that it will be 10/05/2008 (that's May, not October - sorry US folks) in "London." Vague? Nah ;) More details to come soon!


If you're planning on attending put your name down below. Don't worry - doesn't have to be definite, but it's nice to have a rough idea :)

  • OliverCharles (SoC student) arriving Euston 17:40 9 May, leaving 11th at 9:40am
  • Muz (lives in London)
  • FauxFaux
  • Sonium (Alexander Hupfer, SoC Student) arriving Heathrow 19:05 9 May
  • Niklas Berglund (SoC student) arriving Stansted 22:25 9 May
  • OutsideContext (SoC mentor) arriving Stansted 17:30 9 May
  • RobertKaye (MetaBrainz) arriving Heathrow 14:05 8 May
  • dmppanda (benevolent dictator in wait) arriving St-Pancras 22:34 9 May, leaving 20h35 11 May (booked tickets, to be confirmed ASAP)
  • Matthew Wood (BBC) (lives in London)
  • Nick Humphrey (BBC) (lives in London)
  • ijabz (Paul Taylor, Jaikoz developer - lives in Leeds,UK ) probably - arriving by train Friday afternoon.
  • Richard Baffoe-Djan (Queen Mary University C4DM) (lives in London)

Crash Spaces

The following people have been paired up for crashing:

We still need spaces for Outsidecontext, FauxFaux, dmppanda.