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==Supported Tagger==
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The MusicBrainz tagger application allows you to automatically look up the releases/tracks in your music collection and then write clean metadata tags (ID3 tags, Vorbis comment fields, etc.) to your files. The tagger also allows you to specify how and where to write cleanly tagged files to your hard drive.
; [[MusicBrainz Picard]]
: Picard is a cross-platform (Linux/Mac OS X/Windows) application written in Python. It supports the majority of audio file formats, uses [[PUID]] or [[AcoustID]] audio fingerprints, performs CD lookups and [[Disc ID|disc ID]] submissions, and it has excellent Unicode support.
==3rd Party Taggers==
; [[Magic MP3 Tagger]]
:This is a Windows tagger for the MP3 file format that sponsors MusicBrainz. It uses a built-in excerpt of the MusicBrainz core data to speed up the identification process. This tagger has been optimized to automatically identify music files by using an advanced dynamic offline and online music identification algorithm. This includes consideration of different naming patterns and similarities, various artist albums, compilation discs, known common misspellings and more.
; [[Jaikoz MP3 Tag Editor|Jaikoz Tag Editor]]
: Comprehensive tagger for tagging and submitting data to/from MusicBrainz and Discogs and AcoustID, with powerful editing capabilities.
; [[SongKong Tagger|SongKong Tagger]]
: Is an fully automated tagger designed to easily fix your songs and artwork from MusicBrainz, Discogs, AcoustID and Cover Art Archive.
; [[Yate Music Tagger]]
: Mac OS X based tagger for mp3, m4a, FLAC and AIFF files.  Supports MusicBrainz, Discogs and integration with iTunes.  Actions providing scripting can be run interactively or in a batch mode.
==Deprecated Taggers==
; [[Classic Tagger]]
: The predecessor of [[MusicBrainz Picard]], this application had a track oriented approach to tagging and featured [[TRM]] acoustic fingerprinting.
; [[iEatBrainz|iEatBrainz!]]
: Tagger for Mac OS X that integrates with your iTunes library. This uses the old acoustic fingerprinting standard ([[TRM]]) which is phased out in favor of [[PUID]].
Additionally, there is a tool which allows to add [[Disc ID|DiscID]]s to releases (The tagger applications above support this feature as well).
; [[CD Lookup Tool|CdLookupTool]] MusicBrainz CD Lookup Tool
: Designed to allow users the ability to lookup and contribute metadata for Audio CDs.
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