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=The MusicBrainz Wiki=
The MusicBrainzWiki is located at [http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/ http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/].  
The MusicBrainzWiki is located at [http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/ http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/].  

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The MusicBrainzWiki is located at http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/.

Some of the pages in this wiki are also visible via the MusicBrainzWebSite. See WikiDocs for more details and MusicBrainzWikiLicense for information about our license.

Anti-Spam Measures

You'll need to log in to get to some pages; see WikiSpamProtection.

Also all email addresses in pages are automatically obfuscated to protect them from "harvesting".

Wiki Administration

There are a couple of pages which control who is able to do what in this wiki. The exact rights are:

  • Everybody can read and write normal pages.
  • Logged in users can read, write, and revert normal pages.
  • Members of the PageDeletorGroup can read, write, revert, and delete normal pages.
  • Page deletors must be very careful to never rename WikiDocsPages!

These rights are defined like so:

acl_rights_before = 'AdminGroup:read,write,revert,delete,admin'
acl_rights_default = 'PageDeletorGroup:read,write,revert,delete Known:read,write,revert All:read,write'

Note that deleting a page is not a dangerous thing. It can be reverted quickly. However, renaming a page can destroy a transcluded WikiDocs page (DontRenameWikiDocsPages!). Since MoinMoin has no special "rename" right (renaming requires read, write, and delete), we are very reluctant to give out delete rights.

Status of the Wiki

We ported the wiki to a MoinMoin wiki-engine. See MoinMoinWikiSyntax for changes to the old UseMod syntax. Also you will have to register again with your old WikiName.

This wiki is a permanent WIP (work in progress). The project to RestructureTheWiki is largely complete and we are now RestructuringTheDocumentation. There is information on the StatusOfThisWiki to tell you which parts are stable and which are "in progress". Things will probaly get worse during the time we implement WikiDocs.

When editing this wiki please stick to GoodWikiStyle. You can also use the SandBox (or the other Sandbox) if you just want to test the MoinMoinWikiSyntax.