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The MusicBrainz Wiki is located at and, with a few exceptions, is the source of all MusicBrainz' documentation through the WikiDocs transclusion mechanism.

For licensing information, see the wiki license page.

Using the Wiki

When editing this wiki please stick to good wiki style.

The sandbox is available to use if you would like to experiment.

Interwiki Links

The wiki supports various interwiki links to make it easier to link to the various entities of the MusicBrainz database.


[[Artist:c0b2500e-0cef-4130-869d-732b23ed9df5|Tori Amos]]
[[ReleaseGroup:9635e642-8321-3024-99f2-abe8f6af51f3|Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain]]
[[Release:b84ee12a-09ef-421b-82de-0441a926375b|Dark Side of the Moon]]
[[Recording:0774cb44-c0b5-48b5-81db-f47e1aa41a8e|Pound to the Dollar]]
[[Work:ebed83d5-2472-3d22-bf6b-8dcd7be66499|The Idiot]]
[[Label:f31e1603-a456-4397-950e-e1a051487f75|Victor Entertainment]]

Anti-Spam Measures

In order to edit a page on the wiki, you will need to pass an anti-spam check.

Administrative rights

  1. Everybody (including anonymous users) can read and edit on the wiki.
  2. Logged in users can read, edit, and undo changes on the wiki.
  3. Wiki admins (listed on the wiki) can read, edit, undo changes, and delete pages.

Wiki History

This wiki originally used UseModWiki. The wiki was migrated to MoinMoin in July of 2005, then was subsequently migrated to MediaWiki in March of 2009.