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Welcome Music Hack Day Participants!

The purpose of this page is to give you a simple quick start guide of things you may find useful in order to include MusicBrainz in your hack day projects.

MusicBrainz introduction
A short introduction to what MusicBrainz is, and what it is not.
Editing MusicBrainz
An overview on how to edit on MusicBrainz.
MusicBrainz web service API
Documentation on how to use MusicBrainz' RESTful web service API. This API can be used to search for artstis/releases/tracks/labels/collections/works/places on MusicBrainz, and to retrieve resources based on MBIDs. There are bindings for many programming languages available.
Cover Art Archive
MusicBrainz and the Internet Archive collaboratively created an archive of music cover art. Using a simple HTTP call, you retrieve a cover art image if you have a MusicBrainz Release Id.
CritiqueBrainz is a new project that allows people to write CC licensed music reviews. So far the CritiqueBrainz has a collection of 9,000 reviews from the BBC and the community is starting to write more reviews.
AcousticBrainz is a new project that performs low level acoustic analysis on audio files and collects them in a central repository. This low level data is then used in machine learning to derives moods, genres, beat information, danceability and a lot of other data.
MusicBrainz client libraries
Official C libraries for calculationg Disc IDs, accessing the above mentioned web service and interacting with the Cover Art Archive.
Acoustid fingerprinting
Acoustid is the acoustic fingerprinting service that MusicBrainz uses. Use this service to identify audio files.
APIs that understand MBID
Various Services on the net that understand MBIDs

Music Hack Day London 2014: If you have MusicBrainz/AcousticBrainz questions, come see Rob in the orange shirt/black hoodie or Alastair in the black shirt/green sweater. Rob is easy to spot with the orange/purple hair and you can tweet him at @MayhemBCM to get his attention.

Have a great weekend hacking on fun music projects!