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This is an attempt at providing a translation of musical terms commonly found in track titles and release titles in different languages (list of languages non exhaustive, feel free to add columns). Very useful when trying to be consistent, when some disc sleeves are not (unappropriate use of movement type name, mix of different languages...).

Most of the translations are / may be taken from Wikipedia's "other languages" section.

english french german italian swedish japanese
Chorale choral Chorale corale コラール
Aria aria Arie aria aria アリア
Recitative récitatif Rezitativ recitativo レチタティーヴォ
Bridge pont Zwischenspiel brygga
To be completed...

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I removed recitativo from the french column because as the wikipedia page explains, recitativo is not french. --davitof

  • I agree that I've always seen récitatif in french. Yet, on french WP, récitatif redirects to recitativo and not the reverse; --MLL

We should mention the plurals (especially for german) --davitof

  • Agreed --MLL

We should better define the scope of this - there's no need to provide translations of all musical terminology - just those words that are common in album or track titles and thus may need to be entered in MB. @alex