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This is an attempt at providing a translation of musical terms commonly found in track titles and release titles in different languages (list of languages non exhaustive, feel free to add columns). Very useful when trying to be consistent, when some disc sleeves are not (unappropriate use of movement type name, mix of different languages...).

Most of the translations are / may be taken from Wikipedia's "other languages" section.

English French German Italian Swedish Japanese Finnish
Concerto Concerto Konzert Concerto Concerto 協奏曲 Konsertto
Sonata Sonate Sonate Sonata Sonata ソナタ Sonaatti
Symphony Symphonie Symphonie, Sinfonie Sinfonia Symfoni 交響楽団 Sinfonia
Alto alto Alt (pl. -e / Altstimmen) alt altto
Aria aria Arie (pl. -n) aria aria アリア aaria
Baritone baryton Bariton (pl. -e) baritono baryton baritoni
Cantata cantate kantat  kantaatti
Choir, Chorus chœur, chorale Chor (pl. Chöre) coro kör 合唱 kuoro
Chorale choral Choral (pl. Choräle) corale koral コラール koraali
Lied lied (pl. -er) Lied (pl. -er) lied 歌曲 lied
Quartet quatuor Quartett quartetto kvartett kvartetto
Recitative récitatif Rezitativ (pl. -e) recitativo recitativ レチタティーヴォ resitatiivi
Soprano soprano Sopran (pl. -e) soprano sopran ソプラノ sopraano
Tenor ténor Tenor (pl. Tenöre) tenore tenor テノール tenori
Allemande, Allemanda allemande Allemande (pl. -n) allemanda allemande
Courante, Corrente courante Courante (pl. -n) courenta, corrente courante
Gigue, Giga gigue Gigue (pl. -n) giga giga
Minuet menuet Menuett (pl. -e) minuetto menuett menuetti
Sarabande sarabande Sarabande (pl. -n) sarabanda saraband sarabande
cello violoncelle cello violoncello sello
orchestra orchestre orchester orchestra orkesteri
piano piano Klavier pianoforte piano, fortepiano
violin violon violine violino viulu
Bridge pont Zwischenspiel (pl. -e) brygga silta
To be completed...

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