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== Next Generation MusicBrainz Server ==
To set up a Next Generation Schema (NGS) MusicBrainz server, you can choose to download and setup a virtual machine image of NGS or you can install the server into your own Linux instance.
== MusicBrainz NGS Virtual Server Image ==
Running an NGS virtual machine requires some Linux knowledge, but it vastly simpler than installing NGS from scratch. To use the virtual machine instance, follow these steps:
# Start downloading the latest [ftp://ftp.musicbrainz.org/pub/musicbrainz/vm/MusicBrainz_NGS_2011-05-16.ova virtual machine instance]. Beware: This is a large (4Gb) download!
# Download and install [http://virtualbox.org Virtual Box] on your machine.
# Start Virtual Box and choose ''Import Appliance'' from the File menu. Select the downloaded file.
# Once Virtual Box has imported the appliance, select the imported virtual machine from the list of virtual machines and click on Start.
# Once the instance has started up, log in on the console using the username ''musicbrainz'' and password ''musicbrainz''. This account has sudo privileges -- if you would like to set a root passwd, you can do that via sudo.
# Run ''ifconfig'' and look at the ''inet addr'' for eth0. This is the IP address of your virtual machine. Note this IP address.
# Optional: The console for Virtual Box is very slow. I find it faster to SSH into the virtual box with a good terminal program.
# To start the NGS server, enter these commands:
musicbrainz@clear:~$ cd musicbrainz-server/script
musicbrainz@clear:~/musicbrainz-server/script$ ./musicbrainz_server.pl -r
Now you can reach the MusicBrainz server by pointing your browser to port 3000 of the IP address in step 7. If your IP address from step 7 was:, then point your browser to
=== Troubleshooting ===
If you update the code base in this version of the virtual server, you may encounter an error that complains about DEVELOPMENT_SERVER not being defined, please add this line to your lib/DBDefs.pm file:
And then start the server.
== Setting up MusicBrainz NGS from source code ==
(First note: your mileage may vary -- this is one way, that works for some people; it's especially good if your package manager doesn't have all the perl dependencies for musicbrainz-server. However, it's possible it won't work for you at all!)
# Install local::lib (See http://search.cpan.org/~apeiron/local-lib-1.008004/lib/local/lib.pm for details on local::lib and one way to install it ("The bootstrapping technique"))
# Install app::cpanminus as you see fit (either using regular CPAN, installing to the local::lib directories, or using your package manager)
# Get a copy of musicbrainz-server from git: git clone git://git.musicbrainz.org/musicbrainz-server.git musicbrainz-server
# <code>cp lib/DBDefs.pm.default lib/DBDefs.pm</code>
# Edit lib/DBDefs.pm to set proper values for MB_SERVER_ROOT, WEB_SERVER, DEVELOPMENT_SERVER, and REPLICATION_TYPE. (DEVELOPMENT_SERVER should probably be changed to be set to 1)
# Make sure the proper environment variables for local::lib are set (PERL5LIB, PERL_MM_OPT, MODULEBUILDRC, and PATH)
# Install OSSP::uuid separately using the packages at http://www.ossp.org/pkg/lib/uuid/ or using your package manager (Debian/Ubuntu instructions in INSTALL)
# Install Test::WWW::Mechanize separately, probably from a package manager
# <code>cd musicbrainz-server</code>
# <code>cpanm .</code>
# As of 2011-04-27, cpanm chokes on Method::Signature 0.67 -- use <code>cpanm http://search.cpan.org/CPAN/authors/id/F/FL/FLORA/Module-Signature-0.66.tar.gz</code> and restart <code>cpanm .</code> if this applies to you
# eventually this will move past installing dependencies, at which time it'll likely fail on you. As long as all the dependencies are installed, you're set to continue.
# follow the instructions in INSTALL on creating the database
# <code>./script/musicbrainz_server.pl -r</code>
Note that you won't have a search server after running this, meaning all your searches from the top bar will fail; you can fix this by not using that bar and instead using the Search page, and hitting the "direct search" checkbox. Or you could try to install a search server, but that's beyond the scope of this document.
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