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{{official style guideline}}
Recordings that have no artist should be filed under the [[Special Purpose Artist|special purpose artist]] [[artist:eec63d3c-3b81-4ad4-b1e4-7c147d4d2b61|[no artist]]]. This is appropriate for things like bird songs, etc.
* Radio talk on [[Release:b32a8d4e-a7b9-40af-a060-6e0ba0e37b24|Bounce FM in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]].
Some recordings just don't have a performer of discographic relevance credited and since an artist is required, we use [no artist]. Note that artists can record noise they did not produce themselves but still release it under their name, and in such cases [no artist] is not to be used. It is also not to be used for [[Fictitious Artist|fictitious artists]].
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