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The [non-album tracks] pseudo-release

When there are NonAlbumTracks for an artist, they appear in the pseudo-release [non-album tracks]. Although it appears somewhat like a regular release, there are several significant differences:

While there is a Delete link that submits a RemoveReleaseEdit for the [non-album tracks], using RemoveTrackEdit instead is [http:?RemoveReleaseEdit#dontremovenonalbum preferred].

Although the [non-album tracks] release cannot be explicitly merged with another release, when two artists are merged (MergeArtistsEdit) their respective [non-album tracks] (if any) are merged; however, this merge adds all the tracks to the resulting [non-album tracks] rather than merging them individually (by track number) as explicit merges do. This may result in duplicate NonAlbumTracks, possibly with the same name, although that can also occur due to duplicate AddTrackEdits.

Unlike regular releases, when all tracks are removed from the [non-album tracks] release, the release itself is deleted (whereas a regular release would remain but have no tracks).

The [non-album tracks] release can (and should) have an ReleaseAnnotation that contains text comments on the individual tracks.


There does not appear to be any method for moving a track from one artist's [non-album tracks] to another's. --MartinRudat

  • That is true, Tracks have to be removed, and re-added to the other artist, losing the PUIDs and TRMIds along the way. --Keschte
    • That sucks, I wanted to move (or at least debate moving) Radio Free Zerg from Blizzard to Tracy W. Bush, given that she is credited in the file. --MartinRudat
      • Although you can't move single tracks out of it, it is possible to move the whole release with URL-manipulation. Be very careful with this though, only do it if you tested it on the test-server and are sure it produces the correct results as you expect them to be. It will create a duplicate NAT release if the target already has one and merging them will be merging by tracknumber so you will lose information. Also of course it only works if the NAT release only consists of tracks which should go to the other artist - as I said, you cannot move single tracks out of it. And really: be very cautious with this "dirty editing". -- Shepard 19:13, 14 August 2006 (UTC) Addition: There's a ticket for this btw: 831