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Generalistic pages

Rate Your Music (http://rateyourmusic.com/)

Merge MusicMoz here (it's had about 30 uses in the last year, and we have very few uses of it in total too - around 1300 for a generalistic db is laughable, we added the SoundCloud relationship a few months ago and it already has more uses)

WorldCat (http://www.worldcat.org/): International network of library holdings; can include tracklists, track lengths, labels, catalog numbers, credits and ISBNs (which can be translated into bar codes) [needs JS cleanup to turn stuff into http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/*********]

Regional pages

Musik-Sammler (http://www.musik-sammler.de/): German database, tends to have stuff that is not on Discogs and the like

Discografia Nazionale della canzone italiana (http://discografia.dds.it/): Italian database, especially useful for older releases, includes tracklists, labels, cat#s, credits and sometimes cover art

ESTER (http://www.elnet.ee/ester/): Estonian library database; fairly complete, often including cat#s, full tracklists and even writing and performance credits - of course it's fairly niche, but hey, so is other stuff

Encyclopedisque (http://www.encyclopedisque.fr/): French vinyl stuff - we already have permission for using their cover art, but since we're moving cover art stuff to the CAA, it'd be nice to have a more "legit" way of linking to them

Discos do Brasil (http://www.discosdobrasil.com.br/): Brazilian music database based on the creator's private collection. Not publicly editable, but contains over 6000 Brazilian releases with detailed credits. (example)

ISRC查詢系統 (http://isrc.ncl.edu.tw/): Taiwan ISRC database maintained by the National Central Library, with ISRC data and cover scans. Note that the track order may not match physical releases, since tracks are sorted by ISRC code.

Genre pages


rolldabeats (http://www.rolldabeats.com/): thousands of "dance music" (dnb etc) releases, including a decent amount of white labels.

psydb (http://www.psydb.net/): 8924 psytrance releases, with label/cat#/tracklist info. however no updates since 2009


Metal-Archives (http://www.metal-archives.com/): the place to find obscure demos from Montenegrin black metal bands (literally: http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Zaimus/Demo_2007/251573 ) It is by far the most complete metal database. A release page is more like a release group, with the original release in it, and other releases details in the annotation.

Guts of Darkness (http://www.gutsofdarkness.com/) is similar but less complete, however it is interesting for artists not considered as metal by M-A.


Merge IBDb (284 uses in total) and IOBDb (17 uses in total) into this (for some comparison: conductor position was added yesterday and has been used 180 times).

Theatricalia (http://theatricalia.com/): they have some MB links and someone asked if we could link to them http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Talk:Proposals/History#Theatricalia - can anyone familiar with this kind of stuff tell me if the content is any good and it makes sense to link? Their stuff is under CC database licenses http://theatricalia.com/about

Videogame music

OCRemix (http://ocremix.org/): games music - not only their own stuff, which is already a lot: they also have "work" pages for videogame music, and even chiptunes for some of them (http://ocremix.org/song/1022)


http://www.45cat.com/ -- dedicated to 7"/45s only. Very clean, extensive and reliable site.