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This is the official list of databases allowed for the Other Databases relationship type. For adding new databases to the list, please follow the standard proposal procedure.

General pages

45cat (http://www.45cat.com/)

Global database for 7" vinyl

IMVDb (http://imvdb.com/)

Database about music videos

MusicMoz (http://musicmoz.org/)

Open Library (http://openlibrary.org/)

Internet Archive's project for books (including audiobooks)

Rate Your Music (http://rateyourmusic.com/)

WhoSampled (http://www.whosampled.com)

Details of samples, covers and interpolations

WorldCat (http://www.worldcat.org/)

International network of library holdings

Regional pages


Generasia (http://www.generasia.com/wiki/) (formerly known as J-Pop Stop)

A wiki containing information about the music scene in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan.


Trove (http://trove.nla.gov.au/)

Australian library/historical resource database maintained by the National Library of Australia.


Discos do Brasil (http://www.discosdobrasil.com.br/)

Brazilian music database, based on the creator's private collection but with fairly complete info for it.


Rock in China (http://www.rockinchina.com/)

A wiki detailing the recent Chinese underground/independent music scene.


DHHU (http://www.dhhu.dk/)

Danish wiki site containing extensive information about Danish hip hop releases (= "udgivelser") since the 1980's.

Rockens Danmarkskort (http://www.rockensdanmarkskort.dk/)

"The Rock Music Map of Denmark" is at its core a collection of stories and anecdotes from, with, and by music people related to various locations around Denmark. It is run by the Danish Museum of Rock Music.


ESTER (http://www.ester.ee/)

Estonian library database.


Finnmusic (http://finnmusic.net/)

Fono (http://www.fono.fi/)

Pomus (http://pomus.net/)


Encyclopedisque (http://www.encyclopedisque.fr/)

French database for 7" vinyl.


Musik-Sammler (http://www.musik-sammler.de/)

German generalist database.

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (http://d-nb.info/)

German National Library, bibliographic database.


Discografia Nazionale della canzone italiana (http://discografia.dds.it/)

Italian database of musica leggera, especially useful for older releases.


Anime News Network (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/)

An encyclopedia with information about Japanese anime (including foreign adaptations).

CiNii (http://ci.nii.ac.jp/)

NDL (http://iss.ndl.go.jp/)

Stage48 (http://stage48.net/)

A site dedicated to all things AKB48.

VKDB (http://www.vkdb.jp/)

ジャパメタ (http://japanesemetal.gooside.com/)

Japanese hard rock and metal resource

グラスレ (http://www22.big.or.jp/~yunisan/)

Visual Kei resource


ManiaDB (http://www.maniadb.com/)


Rockipedia (http://www.rockipedia.no)

User editable encyclopaedia of norwegian rock/pop/etc. music.


ISRC查詢系統 (http://isrc.ncl.edu.tw/)

Taiwanese ISRC database, maintained by the National Central Library. Note that the track order may not match physical releases, since tracks are sorted by ISRC code.

Genre pages


psydb (http://www.psydb.net/)

Resident Advisor (http://www.residentadvisor.net/)

rolldabeats (http://www.rolldabeats.com/)


The Session (http://www.thesession.org/)

"Jam session" resource for primarily Irish trad. musicians. Useful for linking recordings to works. (Can be linked against Release Groups and Works.)


Metal-Archives (http://www.metal-archives.com/)

The most complete metal database.
Release pages used to be related to MusicBrainz Release Groups, but it now supports release "versions" which are the equivalent of our Releases. Newer or updated releases should then be related to MusicBrainz Releases.

Spirit of Metal (http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/)

Less accurate but more wide in focus than Metal-Archives.


OverClocked ReMix (http://ocremix.org/)

Apart from a database of OverClocked ReMix arrangements, also contains information about video game music in itself.

SoundtrackCollector (http://www.soundtrackcollector.com/)

Database of soundtrack releases and composers. Movie title pages should be related to MusicBrainz Release Groups.


IBDb (http://www.ibdb.com)

The official database for Broadway theatre information.

IOBDb (http://www.iobdb.com)

The Lortel Archives, or "Internet Off-Broadway Database". For non-Broadway New York productions.

Theatricalia (http://theatricalia.com/)

A database of past and future theatre productions. Not restricted to any specific place.