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| Bulgaria || MUSICAUTOR/BSACP || New Caledonia (French) || [http://www.sdrm.fr/ SDRM ]
| Bulgaria || MUSICAUTOR/BSACP || New Caledonia (French) || [http://www.sdrm.fr/ SDRM ]
| Burkina Faso || [http://www.sacem.fr/ SACEM ] || New Zealand || [http://www.apra.com.au/ AMCOS]
| Burkina Faso || [http://www.sacem.fr/ SACEM ] || New Zealand || [http://www.apra-amcos.co.nz/ AMCOS]
| Burkina Faso || [http://www.sdrm.fr/ SDRM ] || New Zealand || [http://www.apra.com.au/ APRA]
| Burkina Faso || [http://www.sdrm.fr/ SDRM ] || New Zealand || [http://www.apra-amcos.co.nz/ APRA]
| Burkina Faso || BBDA || Nicaragua || ?
| Burkina Faso || BBDA || Nicaragua || ?

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Performance rights organizations (PROs) provide intermediary functions, particularly royalty collection, between copyright holders and parties who wish to use copyrighted works publicly such as shopping and dining venues. Legal consumer purchase of works, such as buying CDs from a music store, confer private performance rights. PROs usually only collect royalties when use of a work is incidental to an organization's purpose. Royalties for works essential to an organization's purpose, such as theaters and radio, are usually negotiated directly with the rights holder.

In some countries PROs are called copyright collectives or copyright collecting agencies. A copyright collective is more general than a PRO as it is not limited to performances and includes reproduction rights organizations (RRO's). RROs represent works distributed via mediums such as CD, audiocasette, or computer file rather than use of works in public settings.

Country PRO Country PRO
Afghanistan ? Luxembourg SACEM
Albania ALBAUTOR Luxembourg SDRM
Algeria ? Luxembourg SACEM Luxembourg
American Samoa ASCAP Macau ?
American Samoa BMI Macedonia OMDA
American Samoa HFA (Harry Fox Agency) Madagascar SACEM
American Samoa SESAC Madagascar SDRM
American Samoa SoundExchange Madeira SPA
Andorra SACEM Malawi ?
Andorra SDRM Malaysia MACP
Angola ? Maldives MCPS-PRS
Anguilla ? Mali SACEM
Antarctica ? Mali SDRM
Antigua and Barbuda ? Mali BUMDA
Argentina SADAIC Malta MCPS-PRS
Armenia ? Marshall Islands ?
Aruba ? Martinique (French) SACEM
Australia AMCOS Martinique (French) SDRM
Australia APRA Mauritania ?
Austria AKM Mauritius MCPS-PRS
Austria Austro Mechana Mayotte SACEM
Azerbaidjan ? Mayotte SDRM
Azores SPA Mexico SACM
Bahamas ? Micronesia ?
Bahrain ? Moldavia ?
Bangladesh ? Monaco SACEM
Barbados COSCAP Monaco SDRM
Belarus ? Mongolia ?
Belgium SABAM Montenegro SOKOJ
Belize ? Montserrat ?
Benin SACEM Morocco SACEM
Benin SDRM Morocco SDRM
Benin BUBEDRA Morocco BMDA
Bermuda ? Mozambique MCPS-PRS
Bhutan ? Myanmar ?
Bolivia ? Namibia MCPS-PRS
Bosnia-Herzegovina ? Nauru MCPS-PRS
Botswana ? Nepal ?
Bouvet Island ? Netherlands BUMA
Brazil SBACEM Netherlands STEMRA
Brazil UBC Netherlands CEDAR
British Indian Ocean Territory ? Netherlands SENA
Brunei Darussalam ? Netherlands Antilles ?
Bulgaria BSACP New Caledonia (French) SACEM
Bulgaria MUSICAUTOR/BSACP New Caledonia (French) SDRM
Burkina Faso SACEM New Zealand AMCOS
Burkina Faso SDRM New Zealand APRA
Burkina Faso BBDA Nicaragua ?
Burundi ? Niger SACEM
Cambodia ? Niger SDRM
Cameroon MCPS-PRS Niger BNDL
Cameroon SACEM Nigeria MCPS-PRS
Cameroon SDRM Nigeria MCSN
Canada CMRRA Niue ?
Canada SOCAN Norfolk Island ?
Canada SODRAC Northern Mariana Islands ?
Cape Verde ? Norway GRAMO
Cayman Islands ? Norway TONO
Central African Republic SACEM Oman ?
Central African Republic SDRM Pakistan MCPS-PRS
Central African Republic BUCADA Palau ?
Chad ? Panama ?
Chile SCD Papua New Guinea MCPS-PRS
China MCSC Paraguay APA
Christmas Island ? Peru APDASPAC
Cocos (Keeling) Islands ? Peru APDAYC
Colombia SAYCO Philippines FILSCAP
Comoros ? Pitcairn Island ?
Congo SACEM Poland ZAIKS
Congo SDRM Polynesia (French) SACEM
Congo BCDA Polynesia (French) SDRM
Cook Islands ? Portugal SPA
Costa Rica ACAM Puerto Rico ASCAP
Croatia HDS Puerto Rico BMI
Cuba ACDAM Puerto Rico HFA (Harry Fox Agency)
Cyprus ? Puerto Rico SESAC
Czech Republic OSA Puerto Rico SoundExchange
Denmark KODA Qatar ?
Djibouti ? Reunion (French) SACEM
Dominica ? Reunion (French) SDRM
Dominican Republic ? Romania UCMR-ADA
East Timor ? Russian Federation RAO
Ecuador ? Rwanda ?
Egypt SACEM S. Georgia & S. Sandwich Isls. ?
Egypt SDRM Saint Helena ?
Egypt SACERAU Saint Kitts & Nevis Anguilla MCPS-PRS
El Salvador ? Saint Lucia MCPS-PRS
Equatorial Guinea ? Saint Pierre and Miquelon SACEM
Eritrea ? Saint Pierre and Miquelon SDRM
Estonia NCB Saint Tome (Sao Tome) and Principe ?
Estonia EAÜ Saint Vincent & Grenadines MCPS-PRS
Ethiopia ? Samoa MCPS-PRS
Europe GESAC San Marino SIAE
Falkland Islands ? Saudi Arabia ?
Faroe Islands NCB Scandinavia NCB
Fiji FCA Senegal SACEM
Finland TEOSTO Senegal SDRM
Former Czechoslovakia ? Senegal BSDA
France SACEM Serbia SOKOJ
France SDRM Seychelles MCPS-PRS
French Austral and Antartic territories SACEM Sierra Leone MCPS-PRS
French Austral and Antartic territories SDRM Singapore COMPASS
French Austral and Antartic territories TAAF Singapore MCPS-PRS
French Guyana ? Slovak Republic SOZA
French Southern Territories ? Slovenia SAZAS
Gabon ? Solomon Islands MCPS-PRS
Gambia MCPS-PRS Somalia ?
Georgia GESAP South Africa SARRAL
Germany GEMA South Africa MCPS-PRS
Germany GVL South Africa SAMRO
Ghana ? Spain SGAE
Gibraltar ? Sri Lanka MCPS-PRS
Greece AEPI Sudan ?
Greenland ? Suriname ?
Grenada ? Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands ?
Guadeloupe (French) SACEM Swaziland ?
Guadeloupe (French) SDRM Sweden SAMI
Guam (USA) ASCAP Sweden STIM
Guam (USA) BMI Switzerland SUISA (CAE)
Guam (USA) HFA (Harry Fox Agency) Syria ?
Guam (USA) SESAC Tadjikistan ?
Guam (USA) SoundExchange Taiwan MUST
Guatemala ? Tanzania MCPS-PRS
Guinea SACEM Thailand ?
Guinea SDRM Togo SACEM
Guinea BGDA Togo SDRM
Guinea Bissau SGA Togo BUTODRA
Guyana SACEM Tokelau ?
Guyana SDRM Tonga ?
Haiti ? Tongo MCPS-PRS
Heard and McDonald Islands ? Trinidad and Tobago COTT
Honduras ? Trinidad and Tobago MCPS-PRS
Hong Kong CASH Tunisia ?
Iceland STEF Turkmenistan ?
India IPRS Turks and Caicos Islands ?
Indonesia KCI Tuvalu MCPS-PRS
International BIEM Uganda MCPS-PRS
International CISAC Ukraine UACRR
Iran ? United Arab Emirates ?
Iraq ? United Kingdom MCPS-PRS
Ireland MCPS Ireland United Kingdom PAMRA
Ireland IMRO United Kingdom PPL
(also see nemis)
Israel ACUM Uruguay AGADU
Italy SIAE USA / USA Minor Outlying Islands ASCAP
Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire) SACEM USA / USA Minor Outlying Islands BMI
Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire) SDRM USA / USA Minor Outlying Islands HFA (Harry Fox Agency)
Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire) BURIDA USA / USA Minor Outlying Islands SESAC
Jamaica JACAP USA / USA Minor Outlying Islands SoundExchange
Japan JASRAC Uzbekistan ?
Jordan ? Vanuatu MCPS-PRS
Kazakhstan ? Vatican City State SIAE
Kenya MCSK Venezuela SACVEN
Kiribati MCPS-PRS Vietnam ?
Korea, North ? Virgin Islands (British) MCPS-PRS
Korea, South KOMCA Virgin Islands (USA) ASCAP
Kuwait ? Virgin Islands (USA) BMI
Kyrgyzstan ? Virgin Islands (USA) HFA (Harry Fox Agency)
Laos ? Virgin Islands (USA) SESAC
Latvia NCB Virgin Islands (USA) SoundExchange
Latvia AKKA/LAA Wallis and Futuna Islands SACEM
Lebanon SACEM Wallis and Futuna Islands SDRM
Lebanon SDRM Western Sahara ?
Lesotho ? Yemen ?
Liberia ? Yugoslavia ?
Libya ? Zaire ?
Liechtenstein SUISA Zambia MCPS-PRS
Lithuania NCB Zimbabwe ?
Lithuania LATGA-A