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Here you can download the latest version of the PicardTagger. Please read HowToTagFilesWithPicard if you are not familiar with Picard.

Latest Version - 0.12

Windows Installer

download.gif picard-setup-0.12.exe (7.9M)
(MD5: c3bbab96e38049e98691ec7dffd7d0a8)

Source Code Tarball

download.gif picard-0.12.tar.gz (1.3M)
(MD5: 88284fb378462a091a092e03387f0da9)

Previous Version - 0.11

Windows Installer

download.gif picard-setup-0.11.exe (6.5M)
(MD5: cddbb26d227d4a078936b8a8da551849)

Mac OS X Universal Binary (10.4+)

download.gif MusicBrainz Picard UB.dmg (49MB)
(MD5: 138c98757d365241c76259ad6e0e1c7f)

Ubuntu Install

sudo apt-get install picard

Source Code Tarball

download.gif picard-0.11.tar.gz (432K)
(MD5: 02ddcff3e201b2cf54f1b52b02d44fad)


Picard is licensed under the GPL 2.0 or later.


Are listed and available for download at PicardPlugins.

Development Source Code

The source code of Picard is maintained in Bazaar, the main development branch is hosted on Launchpad and you can get the source code with all its history using:

    bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~musicbrainz-developers/picard/trunk picard