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Running Picard under fink

This is a brief guide to running Picard on Mac OS X using fink and X11.

You will need to be running the unstable version of fink.

Here is a list of required fink packages:

  • python25
  • qt4-x11
  • pyqt4-py25
  • sip-py25
  • libmusicbrainz4

Then manually download and install Mutagen from http://www.sacredchao.net/quodlibet/wiki/Development/Mutagen

 tar -zxvf mutagen-1.14.tar.gz
 cd mutagen-1.14
 /sw/bin/python2.5 setup.py build
 sudo /sw/bin/python2.5 setup.py install

Then download Picard from: http://musicbrainz.org/doc/PicardDownload

  tar -zxvf picard-0.10.tar.gz
  cd picard-0.10
  /sw/bin/python2.5 setup.py config
  /sw/bin/python2.5 setup.py build_ext -i
  /sw/bin/python2.5 setup.py build_locales -i

Finally, make sure you have X11 running and run:

  /sw/bin/python2.5 tagger.py