Picard With Acoustic Fingerprinting

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CandidateForDeletion -- this page was/is nearly identical to the previous PicardDownload, so i just combined them and whatever spilled over has landed on PicardTagger.. so no information was lost. Also this phases out Picards acoustic finger printing as being in alpha/beta out of the wiki.

Picard 0.7.0 is a new stable version of PicardTagger with support for automatic identifying of audio files using PUIDs, MusicDNS' AudioFingerprinting technology.


Latest Release - 0.7.0

Source code

This version of Picard was built using libofa, a preliminary version of libtunepimp and the Python XML Webservice binding:

A lot of these releases are still quite rough. We'll be adding more documentation and cleaning things up in the coming days.