Picard With Acoustic Fingerprinting

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Picard 0.7.0 is a new BETA version of PicardTagger with support for automatic identifying of audio files using MusicDNS acoustic fingerprinting technology.


Latest BETA Release - 0.7.0

Please note that this is a BETA' release. You can download latest stable release (0.6.0) from http://musicbrainz.org/wd/PicardDownload.

Source code

This version of Picard was build using libofa, a preliminary version of libtunepimp and the Python XML Webservice binding:

A lot of these releases are still quite rough. We'll be adding more documentation and cleaning things up in the coming days.


Q: I don't get this. How am I supposed to use the new PUIDs? When I klick on "Analyze" the track gets moved to the "New Files" folder and then to the "Ungrouped Files" Folder. And then nothing happens. Should this not load a MB page with the PUID? Even if I klick on "Lookup" after a successful analysis (i.e. a PUID has been generated), Picard just launches a normal lookup. How is this supposed to work? --DonRedman