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! Prefix !! Label
! Prefix !! Label
|- id="1"
|- name="1"
{{Row|1RM|1 Revolution Music}}
{{Row|1RM|1 Revolution Music}}
{{Row|1VU|One Versatile Underscore}}
{{Row|1VU|One Versatile Underscore}}
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{{Row|5A_|[[label:816c750d-9178-4dc0-b74f-d8ac08c3df95|5 alarm Music]]}}
{{Row|5A_|[[label:816c750d-9178-4dc0-b74f-d8ac08c3df95|5 alarm Music]]}}
{{Row|8118-|8118 Music}}
{{Row|8118-|8118 Music}}
|- id="a"
|- name="a"
{{Row|A-M|Amygdala Music}}
{{Row|A-M|Amygdala Music}}
{{Row|A-S|AfterShock Music}}
{{Row|A-S|AfterShock Music}}
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{{Row|AZ-|Sentinal Vault Archives}}
{{Row|AZ-|Sentinal Vault Archives}}
|- id="b"
|- name="b"
{{Row|B-S|BrainStorm Music}}
{{Row|B-S|BrainStorm Music}}
{{Row|BAP|Bits & Pieces – Canford Audio}}
{{Row|BAP|Bits & Pieces – Canford Audio}}

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Production Music labels traditionally use a catalog number in the form of "AAA 0000" for their releases. The 'AAA' indicates which library or series, with the '0000' indicating the release number in that library or series. Thus, the 'AAA' can be used to help determine the correct label for a given production music release.

The Production Music Association begun tracking and listing these catalog number prefixes in 2010.

#1 #a #b

Prefix Label
1RM 1 Revolution Music
1VU One Versatile Underscore
24s 24/7 Music
3D- 3D SFX
3LH 3 Liquid Hz
4EM 4 Elements Music
5A_ 5 alarm Music
8118- 8118 Music
A-M Amygdala Music
A-S AfterShock Music
A&O Apples & Oranges Music
A7_ Atlantic Seven
AA Atmosphere Archive or Audio Architecture TM Studios
AA_ Atmosphere Archive
AAM Audio Addiction Music
AAS Asche and Spencer
AB_ Abaco or AudioBrain
AB- Abaco Classical Music
ABC ABC Private Collection
ABCLA Abaco Classics
ABO APM Best Of compilation
ABS All The Bird Songs Of Britain & Europe
AC- Animation Collection
ACL Aircraft Music Library
ACM ACM Records
ACT Acoustitracks
AD Adrenalin Music
ADC Adonys 5.1
ADR Adrenalin Music
ADS ADs UP! Music For Commercials
AFR Mathambo
AFRO Sonoton
AH2 Filtered Music Library
AHCD Audio Horizons
AHS Alan Howarth Signature Series
AIR Aircraft – Rock Sweepers & IDs
AJB Arcadia Jingle Bank
ALE Alethea Music Library
ALM All Media Music
AM Access Music or America Music Library or Amusicom
AM_ Access Music
AM- Amphonic Music
AM1 Custom Music for CBS
AM2 Custom Music for Fox
AMA Amadeus Sound Effects Library
AMBB Big, Big & Bigger
AMC Amusicom
AML America Music Library
AMM All Media Music or American Music Co. Music
AMO Audiomachine (Custom for CBS)
AMP AMP or Amplitude
AMPS Amphonic Music
AMS American Music Series or Atomic Music Station
AMT Tools of the Trade
AMX Arcadia Mastertrax
AMY Amygdala Music
AN- Apocalypse Now – Sentinal Vault
ANP 7 Wonders of Automobiles
ANW Audio Network
AOF Art of Foley
AOM Apples & Oranges Music
AP- Audio Pro SFX
APB Audio Paint Box
APC APM Commercial Cuts Music
APL Apollo Live or Apple Trax
APM APM Mini-Package
APX Apex Music Library or DownPat Music
AR_ Alternative Rock Music
AR- Audience Reactions
ARD Arcadia Drones
ARM Armagedon SFX – Glacier Library
ART Artful Recorded
ARTF Artful Recorded
ARU ARU In House Sound Effects
ASM All-Star Music
ASN Artsound
ASPML All Star
AT Apple Trax
AT- Animal Trax
ATM Atmosphere
ATMOS Atmosphere
ATV Atmosphere TV
AUR Auracle IMG Music
AUS Auracle Music SMI
AUT Authentic SFX
AV AV Music
AV_ Gene Michael Production Music
AVF Amphonic Music/Sound Stage
AX_ AXS Music
AXS Access Promo or AXS Music
AZ__ Amphibious Zoo
AZ- Sentinal Vault Archives
AZV Vehicles
B-S BrainStorm Music
BAP Bits & Pieces – Canford Audio
BAR Beats & Rhymes
BB Beat Bites
BB_ Beat Bytes Music
BB1 Bing Bang Boom
BBB Bing Bang Boom
BBM Beatbox Music
BBP Blank Productions
BBR Bainbridge – SFX
BBX Beatbox Music
BCC Bruton Classical Music
BCD Bainbridge-SonicBooms 1&2-Trains vol 4
BD Blue Dot
BDM Backdoor Music
BEST Best of APM
BEY Beyond Music-New Release
BFM Blue Fuse Music
BFX Busted SFX
BGC Bruton Gold Classics
BH- Boss House Music
BHN Boss House – New Release
BHP BHP Music / Bohemian Prod.
BIG Big Shorts
BIGS Big Shorts
BLO Blow Tools – Sonic boom Library
BLS Bainbridge Living Sounds
BLU Blue Labyrinth Music
BM Berry Music Library or Bonanza Music Library
BMG Sound Ideas BMG Sound Effects
BMLP Berry Music Library
BMPPS Berry Music Library
BMRU BroadcastMusic.RU
BMT Just Boom Trax SFX – Sound Ideas
BMW BRG Music Works
BOBA Bosworth
BOCD Bosworth & Company
BOM Blazed Out Music
BON Bonanza Music Library
BOOM Boom Music
BOR Box of Rocks
BPM BMG Production Music
BPMC BPM Clasical
BPME BPM Explorer
BPP Burning Petals
BPPM Burning Petals
BR Bruton Music
BRA Bruton Music
BRB Bruton Music
BRC Bruton Music
BRCD Bruton Music
BRD Bruton Music
BRE Bruton Music
BRF Bruton Music
BRg BRg or BRg Contemporary or BRg Country or BRg Extreme or BRg Urban