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MusicBrainz offers you the following products for download and/or use. All of these are open source and/or free for non-commercial use. See the product pages for details.

Client Applications

The MusicBrainz Service

  • Server (MusicBrainz Server) (mb_server)
    • The main MusicBrainz website.
  • Database (MusicBrainz Database)
    • The MusicBrainz database, and the data live-feed (replication features).
  • Live Data Feed (Database live data feed)
    • The MusicBrainz service provides a live data feed for mirror servers, free of charge.
  • FreeDB Gateway (mb2freedb)
    • A gateway for accessing MusicBrainz data with CDDB/FreeDB clients through the FreeDB protocol.

Developer Resources

  • libmusicbrainz MusicBrainz Client library
    • A development library geared toward developers who wish to utilize low-level access to the MusicBrainz Server RDF interface and the TRM Signature Server. This library and the RDF web service have been deprecated -- for details see WebService.
  • libtunepimp Tunepimp library
    • A development library geared towards developers who wish to write their own MusicBrainz enabled tagging application. This library and the RDF web service have been depricated -- for details see WebService.
  • python-musicbrainz2 Python Webservice bindings
    • A client library written in Python which provides easy object oriented access to the MusicBrainz database using the XML Web Service.
  • libdiscid
    • A C library for creating MusicBrainz disc IDs from audio CDs.
  • XML Web Service MusicBrainz web service
    • The new, REST-based webservice API for direct access to MusicBrainz data (Please review the libraries above before writing your own implementation). This web service should be used for all new development.

MusicBrainz-Enabled Third-Party Software

See MusicBrainz Enabled Applications for a list of products which feature MusicBrainz support.