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#REDIRECT [[Has_Cover_Art_At_Relationship_Type/Whitelist]]
The band [[Artist:5bed0ef8-0745-44f2-b5b4-dfa6150732be|Angelika Express]] has non-commercial releases (e.g. [[Album:f3a2d9d3-d1c9-4164-802a-f17c20a1fdd3|Größte Treffer]]), for which cover arts exist only at the official website [http://angelika-express.de/] (I've tried every other whitelisted page, also archive.org). I've contacted them, and they gave the permission to use the pictures in musicbrainz.org. Therefore I propose to add angelika-express.de to the cover art sites whitelist ([[Cover_Art_Sites#Allowed_Sites]]).

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