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#REDIRECT [[Artist]]
=Artist Type: Other=
This proposal is about a new [[Artist Type|ArtistType]] "Other". Many artists don't fit into the Group/Person scheme, e.g.:
# Some fictional characters (animals, mythical creatures, ...), e.g.: [http://musicbrainz.org/artist/101eddc5-e066-466a-8658-ab4b51fa4a78 Pumuckl] and [http://musicbrainz.org/artist/e6697f34-600a-4ede-826d-c3ccf11e6310 Elmo]
# Some fictional artists are purely created to keep a series together, e.g. [http://musicbrainz.org/artist/e028fab5-39ae-4ed9-b8c2-c4344d88b171 Die drei ???]
# Companies that were created to credit them in a relationship, but that are not labels, e.g. [http://musicbrainz.org/artist/a5bccffd-5abf-4a46-a6e2-4f23ffe1f5d0 Type2error]
There are probably even more categories. Because all of them are pretty rare compared to Person/Group and are not really in the focus of this database, I suggest a catch-all type "Other" for them. Using "Unknown" is not a really good alternative, because
# Searching for "Unknown" artists should only show artists where further research will eventually result in another type
# "Unknown" artists can be changed to any type as auto-edit, so if someone wants to leave an artist "Unknown" on purpose, anybody can change the type without vote
== Update 1 ==
If this proposal passes and the "Other" type gets implemented, the [[Artist Type|old wiki page]] would get replaced by [[User:hrglgrmpf/Artist Type|this one]]. --[[User:Hrglgrmpf|Hrglgrmpf]] 00:39, 12 July 2011 (UTC)

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