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Status: This page describes an active proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-326
Champion: hrglgrmpf
Current status: Unknown

Artist Type: Other

This proposal is about a new ArtistType "Other". Many artists don't fit into the Group/Person scheme, e.g.:

  1. Some fictional characters (animals, mythical creatures, ...), e.g.: Pumuckl and Elmo
  2. Some fictional artists are purely created to keep a series together, e.g. Die drei ???
  3. Companies that were created to credit them in a relationship, but that are not labels, e.g. Type2error

There are probably even more categories. Because all of them are pretty rare compared to Person/Group and are not really in the focus of this database, I suggest a catch-all type "Other" for them. Using "Unknown" is not a really good alternative, because

  1. Searching for "Unknown" artists should only show artists where further research will eventually result in another type
  2. "Unknown" artists can be changed to any type as auto-edit, so if someone wants to leave an artist "Unknown" on purpose, anybody can change the type without vote