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#REDIRECT [[Style/Specific types of releases/Audiobook]]
|status=In development
'''Official guideline is now: [[Style/Specific types of releases/Audiobook]]'''
== Style for narrations of works of literature ==
Initially the old [[Style Dude|StyleDude]] decided not to have a guideline for audio books. However, an AudioBookStyle for [[Audio Books|AudioBook]] has been under way on the style mailing lists.
===Initial "Style": NoAudioBookGuideline===
[[User:TarragonAllen|TarragonAllen]] wrote on 2004-08-28:
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">As the database is set up primarily as a music resource audio books and other related spoken word releases do not map very well into the current data-set. As such, audio books and other related spoken word releases are allowed in the database but there will be no official standards for how they are entered, sorted or categorised, nor will there be any official style guidelines for them. If people wish to create their own style guidelines for audio books and other related spoken word releases they are free to do so, but there will be [[No Audio Book Guideline|NoAudioBookGuideline]].
===New Guideline for Audio Books===
The most important characteristic of such a guideline is to ensure that the tracks are sorted in the right sequence, if a user chooses to rename the tracks without the track number -> encode Chapter and Sub-chapters into the trackname.
I'd like to propose the following naming Scheme:
* Include the Chapter number in titles like
** "Chapter 01: Name of Chapter"
*** Note that the numbers are always expanded to 2 digits (add 0 before if number<10)
*** If the current chapter is continued from a previous medium, append '''(continued)'''''
* For chapters spread over more than one physical track, include the sequence number of the current ''subchapter sequence number''
** "Chapter 01-01: Title of subchapter" '''or'''
** "Chapter 01-01: Title of chapter" (if the subchapter has no title)
Next possible steps to take:
* browse [http://musicbrainz.org/browsevarious.html?reltype=8&artists=all albums] and see what a mess the audiobooks section really is '''and'''
* have a look at the albums of [http://musicbrainz.org/artist/569c0d90-28dd-413b-83e4-aaa7c27e667b.html J.K. Rowling] to see a somewhat organized listing, but with different numbering styles, and decide if we could make the proposal above official'' -- [[User:Keschte|Keschte]]
''Bonjour tristesse'' ([[Album:9e5b337f-2964-46a9-8de3-19a11fb8cafa|disc 1]], [[Album:371c27af-6fe9-4d03-9c01-8edb72508a39|disc 2]], [[Album:1a629396-9a2c-48ba-9744-763be854cad5|disc 3]])

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