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this is an attempt for an RFC by lorenz pressler (in preparation)

Mixed recitals by a performer or group

In cases where a release features a main/primary performer or group and contains works from multiple composers, that performer or group may be designated the ReleaseArtist, with each TrackArtist assigned to the appropriate composer. If the release has more than one performing artist the main artist has to be clearly indicated on the cover-sleeve.

Favorite Encores (feat. piano: Vladimir Horowitz)
Black Angels (Kronos Quartet)
Passion of Callas (disc 1)
However, on a release like 3 Masses of the 20th Century (Mikaeli Kammarkör, Anders Eby) there is no clear choice for primary performer. It must remain under various artists.

Important notes:

  1. Do not create new Artists for performer collaborations (such as "Herbert von Karajan & The Berlin Philharmonic.")
  2. If there is no clear indication for a main performer on the cover-sleeve it must remain under various artists.
  3. Also, do not use this style for conductors who are also composers (such as Leonard Bernstein or Pierre Boulez.)
  4. This recital style does not apply to releases with works by only one composer (such as Sole e Amore (Kiri Te Kanawa)), however much they might emphasize the performer.