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Proposed Style Guidelines

This page lists StyleGuidelines that are not yet official. Eventually they should then make it to the OfficialStyleGuidelines page, at the discretion of the StyleCouncil. See the page about the specific guideline for its current status. If you want to propose a new guideline, please read HowToProposeNewGuidelines.

This page contains two lists: one human edited list and one automatically generated list. There is also some related information on UnresolvedStyleIssues, but that page is not well maintained.

Tentative Summary of Proposed and Discussed Style Guidelines

  • Proposal incorporates titled and untitled live bootlegs.
  • How to record artist roles when there's more than one way (artist, release, track) to do so.
  • Soundtracks are currently being handled based merely on a mailing list conversation a year or so back. This is a first attempt to actually build a complete set of guidelines to codify this.

List of All Proposed Style Guidelines


This list is generated from BackLinks to the CategoryProposedStyle.