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This page lists [[Style Guideline|StyleGuideline]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s that are not yet official. Eventually they should then make it to the [[Official Style Guideline|OfficialStyleGuideline]]s page, at the discretion of the [[Style Council|StyleCouncil]]. See the page about the specific guideline for its current status. If you want to propose a new guideline, please read [[How To Propose New Guidelines|HowToProposeNewGuidelines]].
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This page contains two lists: one [[Proposed Style Guideline#human|human edited list]] and one [[Proposed Style Guideline#auto|automatically generated list]]. There is also some related information on [[Unresolved Style Issues|UnresolvedStyleIssues]], but that page is not well maintained.
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==Tentative Summary of Proposed and Discussed Style Guidelines==
; Parts Of A Title
:[[User:TarragonAllen|TarragonAllen]] proposed to define the parts of a [[Track Title|TrackTitle]] or [[Release Title|ReleaseTitle]] as follows: [[Main Title|MainTitle]], [[Subtitle|SubTitle]], [[Volume Number|VolumeNumber]], [[Extra Title Information Style|ExtraTitleInformation]] and [[Disc Number|DiscNumber]] (I changed "Distinguisher" to "Number" because it is already in use in the wiki --[[User:DonRedman|DonRedman]]).
: Accordingly we should make (or already have) the following pages describing their style: [[Main Title Style|MainTitleStyle]], [[Subtitle Style|SubTitleStyle]], [[Volume Number Style|VolumeNumberStyle]], [[Extra Title Information Style|ExtraTitleInformationStyle]] and [[Disc Number Style|DiscNumberStyle]].
; [[Extra Title Information Style|Extra title information style]]
:Includes some discussion on how to order the different parts of the [[Extra Title Information Style|ExtraTitleInformation]]. Also it was proposed that [[Extra Title Information Style|ExtraTitleInformation]] be always in english.
; [[AudioBook Style|AudioBook style]]
: You can enter AudioBooks into MusicBrainz, but there was no [[Style Guideline|StyleGuideline]] up to now. We prefer to have an AudioBook guideline that helps with ordering of tracks, this is currently under discussion.
; [[Release Event Style|Release event style]]
: An attempt to document how [[Release Date|ReleaseDate]] and [[Release Country|ReleaseCountry]] should be added to [[Release]]s, especially when there were different releases (even in different countries). Should superceed [[Release Country Style|ReleaseCountryStyle]] and [[Release Region Style|ReleaseRegionStyle]].
; [[Artist Role Inheritance|Artist role inheritance]]
: How to record artist roles when there's more than one way (artist, release, track) to do so.
; [[Soundtrack Style|Soundtrack style]]
: Soundtracks are currently being handled based merely on a mailing list conversation a year or so back.  This is a first attempt to actually build a complete set of guidelines to codify this.
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