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In MusicBrainzTerminology, a recording represents unique audio data. It has a title, an artist credit, a duration, and a list of PUIDs and ISRCs. Recordings are the only entities that can be linked to PUIDs and ISRCs (before NGS these were added to tracks).

The documentation for this entity seems to be lacking currently. This page also NeedsIntertwingling.


This MusicBrainz database entity was added as part of the Next Generation Schema (NGS) that went live in May 2011. All previous track entities have been converted into recordings. There is still a track entity but it is hidden from users except in the tracklist of a medium. While before [NGS] it was technically possible (database-wise) to merge tracks, this functionality was never exposed to users (confirm?). The recordings entity allows this behaviour.

Edit Types

The possible edits to recordings are the following:

  • Add ISRCs,
  • Add PUIDs,
  • Add recording annotation,
  • Add standalone recording,
  • Edit recording,
  • Merge recordings,
  • Remove ISRC,
  • Remove PUID,
  • Remove recording.

However, there is not yet a page called Recording Edit Types, so information and guidelines about edits to recordings can be listed here.

Merge Recordings Edit Type

When two (or more) existing recordings in the database represent the same audio data, they can be merged using the MergeRecordingsEditType.

Adding recordings to the list of recordings to be merged, is done by visiting the individual recordings' pages and clicking on 'Merge recording'. A section called 'Merge process' pops up at the bottom of the screen, keeping track of the recordings you have selected. When you have listed all recordings to be merged, click on the button 'Merge' at the bottom.

You are then presented the 'Merge Recordings' page. You will have to select one of the existing recordings for the rest to be merged into. This is done by clicking on the radio button in front of the recording that you want to become the final recording. There is a checkbox above these radio buttons of which this writer is ignorant of its function (FixMe! please).

The edit conditions (action on expiration, duration of voting, elegibility for auto-editing, etc.) for this edit can be found at


These are all different Recordings:

  • Album version of the track "Into the Blue" by "Moby"
  • Remix "Into the Blue (Buzz Boys Main Room Mayhem mix)" by "Moby"
  • Remix "Into the Blue (Underground mix)" by "Moby"