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Relationship editors are [[MusicBrainz]] editors who have the ability to change or remove [[Advanced Relationship Type|AdvancedRelationshipType]]s and [[Advanced Relationship Attribute|AdvancedRelationshipAttribute]]s and to add new ones.
#REDIRECT [[Editor#Relationship editors]]
In general, such changes are not made unilaterally by these editors, but are implemented only after consensus has been reached on the [[Style Mailing List|StyleMailingList]] to make the change.
Anyone who feels that a change to the AR types is needed should follow [[Proposals#Process_for_Idea_Champions|the Proposal process]].
Current RelationshipEditor<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s are:
* [[User:Dupuy|AlexanderDupuy]] (Editor:dupuy)
* [[User:DaveEvans|DaveEvans]] (Editor:djce)
* [[User:DonRedman|DonRedman]] (Editor:donredman)
* [[User:LukasLalinsky|LukasLalinsky]] (Editor:lukz)
* [[User:mo|mo]] (Editor:catcat) formerly known as mo
* [[User:RobertKaye|RobertKaye]] (Editor:rob)
* [[User:WolfSong|WolfSong]] (Editor:wolfsong)
* [[User:FrederikSOlesen|FrederikSOlesen]] (Editor:Freso)
<small>This list is edited by hand and for informative purposes only. The actual rights management is done within the [[MusicBrainz Server|MusicBrainzServer]]</small>
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