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This is a list of packaging recognized by the MusicBrainz release editor. If you have found a form of packaging that is not listed, take a look at packaging request queue and check if another editor is requesting that the packaging be created. If not, then please consider requesting it.

Type Image Description
Book Packaging-Book2CD.jpg A book with a sleeve containing a medium (usually a CD).
Box 100px A box with a lid or an opening that contains the medium and other packaging, like posters and booklet containing lyrics.
Cardboard/Paper Sleeve 100px
A sleeve made of paper, paperboard, or cardboard. Traditional packaging for records, also seen with CDs.
Cassette Case 100px Regular plastic case for a cassette.
Digibook A bounded booklet usually in hardcover with a sleeve bound to the spine of the book that houses a CD.
Digipak Packaging-Digipak-medright.jpg A folded case, typically made of coated paperboard, with one or more plastic trays glued into it. Cases that can only be folded in half usually have only one plastic tray glued to it, while those that can be folded into thirds or more folds usually have multiple plastic trays glued to it.
Discbox Slider A pouch-like package with an internal mechanism that pushes the contents (usually a CD) out of the case when the lid flap is opened.
Fatbox Packaging-Fatbox6CD-smart.jpg A double-sided, double-width jewel case normally holding 2 to 4 CDs, but (with Smart Tray or Brilliant Box inside) capable of up to 6 CDs.
Gatefold Cover Packaging-GatefoldCD.jpg A cardboard sleeve that folds in halves, thirds, etc. It can hold multiple records or CDs as well as booklets, posters and other memorabilia.
Jewel case 100px The traditional CD case, made of hard, brittle plastic.
Keep Case 100px The traditional DVD case, made of soft plastic (usually) dark grey with a thin transparent plastic cover protecting the artwork.
Plastic sleeve A sleeve made entirely of plastic that holds the medium and other parts of an album (e.g. liner notes and track list). The plastic sleeve is usually transparent. For paper sleeves that have a plastic part that shows the medium, please use "Cardboard/Paper Sleeve".
Slidepack 100px A box with openings at its two ends that contains a tray (usually plastic) holding the medium. The box usually has a cutout to help the user to pull out the tray.
Slim Jewel Case Packaging-Slimcase-white.jpg A thinner jewel case, commonly used for CD singles.
Snap Case A digipak-like case held together with a "snapping" plastic closure.
Super Jewel Box/Case Packaging-Superjewelcase.jpg Similar to the regular jewel case, but with rounded corners and a latch closing mechanism. Usually used for SACDs.
Other 100px Other forms of packaging that are not described by the prescribed list.
None No packaging at all. Common for digital media (downloads).